At, we have developed Solar Wind, a trend indicator that helps traders identify the direction and strength of trends. We based this indicator purely on ninZaATR and price action, without using any moving averages or smoothing to minimize lags.


Our recommended signal for entries is pullbacks, as trends often retrace before continuing. From our testing and experiences, the first and second pullbacks usually offer the most reliable and optimal entries.


To improve indicator performance significantly on intraday charts, we use ninZaATR instead of regular ATR. ninZaATR is our special ATR version, and it is also available as a standalone FREE indicator for ninZaFamily.


Without further delay, watch the instructional video below for a step-by-step guide to setting up the advanced Trend indicator - Solar Wind:



Along with Solar Wind, you can apply this technique to other indicators from, so don't forget to check out our wide range of over 150 indicators that can match any of your trading style right below: