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    As a repeating customer, I can't recommend enough of ninZa.co's indicators and support to anyone who wants an edge with their trading game. Also shout out to Hannah and staff for their superior customer service.
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A New Twist on 30-year-old VIDYA Indicator.

VIDYA Pro is the enhanced version of the classic VIDYA (Variable Index Dynamic Average). With significant improvements, VIDYA Pro offers enhanced plot performance and visual enhancements for your Trend Identification.

Let’s quickly go through why VIDYA Pro is for you:

VIDYA Pro uses the classic Variable Index Dynamic Average (VIDYA). This exponential moving average is a type of moving average that adjusts its sensitivity to price volatility.

Plus, these are the enhanced features you’ll receive:

  • You’ll receive significant visual improvement:
With VIDYA Pro, Up/Downtrends are highlighted in contrasting colors on the plot and background, giving a clear visual of the beginning/ending of a trend phase.
  • You can enable the “Smooth” parameter to reduce noise from the plot:
This parameter smoothens the plot, letting you easily observe the price movement and increasing the reliability of trend signals.
  • You can set the threshold for valid plot movements:
The movement of the plot will be influenced by the threshold set in the 'Filter: Multiplier' parameter, which will result in relative Up/Downtrend signals.

VIDYA Pro‘s mechanism to generate signals in a 5-tick threshold example:

  • If the plot's value changes by less than 5 ticks, the plot remains flat, and the trend stays unchanged.
  • When the plot's value increases by more than 5 ticks, the plot moves upward, signaling an Uptrend.
  • Conversely, if the plot's value decreases by more than 5 ticks, the plot moves downward, indicating a Downtrend.
  • Here’s how noisy signals are significantly reduced thanks to the "Filter: Multiplier" parameter (at a 5-tick threshold):

    With Filter Without Filter

    It’s time to step away from the norm and embrace this optimized version.VIDYA Pro is your compass in trend identification - Picture yourself in control, with the power to set conditions that filter out the noise and spotlight the true essence of market movements.

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    Software Changelog

    • Sep 10 2023 - The indicator was released (built new).


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