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Customer Reviews of ninZa.co’s Trading Software (4.99)

These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other users or customers, and do not guarantee future performance or success.
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 228 reviews
 by NFech
Awesome indicators and professional customer service

I love love love Divergence Engine$. To me, Divergence Engine$ is one of the most useful indicators out there.

I can say straight up that ninZa.co is not only a great place to find indicators for your edge in NinjaTrader, but also a place with the outstanding customer experience and a very friendly team behind it.

- Purchased EOB Ordering

 by Ronald S.
Superior MACD

Wow, this is really good info you are providing, I really appreciate this a lot, and I can tell you I already sent you a customer today and more will come.

- Purchased Superior MACD

 by Val
Cumulative Delta & Supply/Demand Discovery

The price action and signals you have coded within ninZa.co's Cumulative Delta are very very good in their own right. So I am glad to have made the purchase. As well as Supply/Demand Discovery which is awesome in my opinion. It really does shine with the use of ninZa.co's bespoke ninZaATR. On that note, I am already considering adding Solar Wind soon.

 by Robert G.
Very happy

I use Solar Wind as my main trading tool. I love its multiple discrete signals, ninZaATR-based entry/exit levels, and how it plays well with other indicators (re: NinjaScript)! I’ve told many other traders about my experiences with it and traders who then went on to buy it as I coached them on its use.

- Purchased Solar Wind + Lastweek Critical S/R + Prevday Critical S/R + Intraday Adaptive S/R + Day Range + AAA+ Trend Sync + EOB Ordering + Market Watch + HAMA Monster + Risk-Reward Meter + Sidewayz MA + Ruby River + Innovative Ordering + Outside Bar Pro + Inside Bar Pro + Superior Ichimoku + Supply/Demand Discovery + Speedup Zlert + Divergence Engine$ + Trio Reversal + Divergence Hidden$ + Superior MACD + CCI Trend Pro + Superior RSI + QQE Pro + Superior MFI + X-Day Critical S/R + Smart Ruler + Uni ☰ Pivot + Titanoboa Trader

 by Tommi C.
Great Indicators

I have bought several of your indicators: Superior MACD, Superior Stochastic, Half Trend Pro, Divergence Engine$, Divergence Hidden$.

I have quickly set up and learned to use Divergence Engine$ in my trading and have to say they are awesome when used appropriately.

These tools have become an essential part of my trading toolkit, which includes pre-market analysis to identify Market Structure (Major Support and Resistance) as well as a written trade plan. Between them and prior trades, I've been working on I have a total of 7 trade types in my trading basket for different market conditions.

Great job on all of the indicators, most particularly Divergence Engine$. Quickly identifying divergence in fast-moving markets is not easy without tools like this.

 by Lisa L.
Ruby River

I can't tell you how happy I am with Ruby River. I have not made any changes but I do use it with a modified Renko bar. The signals that it is generating are great.

 by Jeremy B.
Easy Trend Is Too Easy!

I bought your Easy Trend indicator because it has the HMA indicator built in it. It is great! Previously I have purchased your Superior MACD, Superior Donchian, Be$t Alligator, and Ruby River. These all work in their own right, but Easy Trend after 1 week of practice trading is the one I needed this whole time.

Easy Trend has allowed me for the first time in nine months of practice to have a trading plan that I can stick to. With the background painted, the line changing colors, and my voice recorded to play "buy" and "sell" signals, it was my best week of paper trading yet.

I also want to say thanks for making Quick Drawing and Moving Median free. Quick Drawing is always on my charts and Moving Median is nice for spotting trends in higher time frames.

 by Bill from Atlanta, GA
Best in trading

I’ve owned several ninZa.co studies and I wouldn’t trade without them. Second to none! Besides the indicators, there is an excellent support staff always available. Can’t give a higher recommendation!

- Purchased Solar Wind + QQE Pro + Easy Trend + Be$t Alligator + Supply/Demand Discovery + Smart Ruler + Volume Delta + MA-Slope Trend Filter

 by Peter from ViperFutures.com

Did some good performance today once again on my Leeloo combine using ninZaRenko on Nasdaq. I like it. I personally like the higher settings like ninZaRenko 21/7, but when gets slow come down to ninZaRenko 12/4 and snag a few points.

 by G. A.
Horizontal Label & Quick Drawing

"I love this Horizontal Label indicator that marks the price of every line I plot on the chart. No more guessing or clicking to see the exact price of my line. I also downloaded the Quick Drawing tool. LOVE THEM BOTH!"

 by L. N.

I am impressed with the old indicators that I purchased and cannot wait to download the new versions with some of your improvements such as ninZaATR. I did purchase the StepMA Pro today and will download it tomorrow.

I commend your group on having quickly replied to all of my questions. You have developed fascinating products which I have worked with and find out more nuances all the time. As the signals are drawing objects, I now know that I need to copy them into my programs.

Wishing you the best during the upcoming holiday season.

- Purchased Solar Wind + Be$t Alligator + HAMA Monster + Superior MFI + AAA+ Trend Sync + Easy Trend + SuperTrend Pro + Superior ADX/DMI + QQE Pro + StepMA Pro

 by Dave P. from Connecticut

Just had some time to explore the MA-Slope Trend Filter... Wow! You guys have done an amazing job with it! It will take me a couple of days to work out the best parm values for my trading, but I can easily see its value. Great job!

- Purchased Supply/Demand Discovery + TDI Pro + Solar Wind + Intraday Adaptive S/R + Ruby River + Market Profile (Daily) + Day Range + Superior Awesome + Divergence Engine$

 by Jeremy B.

I am enjoying the Superior Donchian so much that I went ahead and bought the Superior MACD a couple of days early. I really like your products!

Your free Moving Median has a spot on a higher timeframe that I use and is very helpful.

 by Vincent. P. L.
Divergence Engine$ + Superior ADX/DMI

I recently purchased both your Divergence Engine$ & Superior ADX/DMI indicators and am very pleased with the results.

 by D. H.
Be$t Alligator

I really like the updated version of Be$t Alligator!

 by FD
AAA+ Trend Sync

I do like the new look of AAA+ Trend Sync, nice job!

 by Mark
EOB Ordering - Essential

EOB Ordering has become an essential part of my system. It has allowed me to control my entries in line with my rules and provides a tremendous amount of flexibility to fine tune your entries. With today's volatility I do not enter a trade without it. It has just been a great tool and I cannot say more about the level of support that is always there.

 by Julien
Stock trading

I'm good at establishing a big level for a stock. With FAME SuperPivot, I can trade more stocks at the same time. Your horizontal levels fit really well with a HAMA and volume profile. Superior MFI is the cherry on the cake for some situations.

 by Julien
EOB Ordering is really good

I really enjoy EOB Ordering for scalping. Only my third day using the product. I already have a good setting for my volume profile. I'm an experienced trader. Been trading since 2012.

 by Dave

Really enjoying the Innovative Ordering indicator. So much nicer to use than built-in NinjaTrader's chart trader buttons.

- Purchased Innovative Ordering + X-Day Critical S/R + Divergence Engine$ + Superior RSI + CCI Reversal Pro + Supply/Demand Discovery + Superior Keltner + Sidewayz RT + Superior ADX/DMI + Solar Wind + Easy Trend + Outside Bar Pro + Pinocchio Bar Pro + Superior MFI + Prevday Critical S/R + Ruby River + SuperTrend Pro + Market Profile (Composite)

 by Matt
Ordering Tools + Smart Zoom

I highly recommend Innovative Ordering and EOB Ordering. It makes entering and exiting a trade seamlessly and instantaneously. I also recommend Smart Zoom for any trader. It makes navigating on the chart much easier.

 by Srinivas
Professional team & amazing indicators

Thank you very much. ninZa.co provides amazing indicators. More than that, you are professional and even more important: an honest team. Recently I asked a VWAP question. I got immediately reply as working on the indicator and later on I got a reply to what your team did to improve VWAP (Intraday VWAP Pro).

This professionalism differentiates your team from other vendors out there.

 by A. B.

The indicator is working perfectly. You guys are the best

- Purchased Smart Zoom + Supply/Demand Discovery

 by J. L.

Very professional and nice-looking appearance. Can't take every signal but using a favorable stop and target ratio, can be very profitable.
Took me from -1100 with my old methods to +650 taking only CCI package signals with ninZaRenko bars.

- Purchased CCI Reversal Pro + CCI Trend Pro + Woodie ZLR Pro

 by Ken F.
EOB Ordering

EOB Ordering is really awesome... So are all your indicators but EOB Ordering is really special.

- Purchased Superior Ichimoku + Smart Ruler + Divergence Engine$ + Market Watch + Dragon Trend + EOB Ordering + Supply/Demand Discovery

 by Scott. B.
X-Day Critical S/R

I bought X-Day Critical S/R. Best $79 I’ve ever spent !!!!

 by Kat
T-Stop + Superior ADX/DMI

Thanks so much for your help! T-Stop is an awesome indicator... loving the Superior ADX/DMI indicator as well. :)

 by Taskin Faruk
Superior MFI & Volume Delta Indicators

I have purchased Superior MFI & Volume Delta indicators couple of days ago. Both indicators are doing excellent job the way it supposed to be. Customer service is also great. Very responsive on a timely manner. Without a doubt, ninZa.co offers everything that you need. Give it a try. You will not be disappointing.

 by Ernest G.
Divergence Engine$

I got my Divergence Engine$ yesterday and love it. I had marked up a chart using Superior MACD on an 8/2 ninZaRenko chart and I was amazed at how they were almost exactly the same when I applied your indicator. Wow! It is exactly what I wanted. Can't wait to start using it on the NQ tonight.

 by Jimmie D.
EOB Ordering

I am finding the EOB Ordering tool to be very helpful in overcoming hesitation especially in fast moving markets!!

I'm sure I will buy more ninZa.co indicators in the future.

Thank you again for providing terrific support just as you promise on your website!

 by Barry M.
Superior ADX/DMI

I am a trader with over 10 years pro trading experience. I use the ADX in my trading setup. I have purchased many indicators over the years and have never used any on them. I purchased Superior ADX/DMI of ninZa.co and although I thought the indicator was good I proposed a small change to the indicator that would improve it. They were kind enough to implement my changes. I can recommend Superior ADX/DMI as a genuine improvement on other ADX indicators, and ninZa.co as a company who cares about their customers.

 by CT Missouri
High quality

I knew then ninZa.co was a high-quality organization and you just keep demonstrating that reality to me over and over.

 by David P. from Connecticut
Amazing Supply/Demand Discovery

Just got your new Supply/Demand Discovery and it is truly a great improvement over everything else on the market. It will take me days to determine the best values for the variables for my different charts, but it will be worth the effort.

- Purchased Supply/Demand Discovery + TDI Pro + Solar Wind + Intraday Adaptive S/R + Ruby River + Market Profile (Daily) + Day Range

 by Mario
Thank you

I want to thank you infinitely for this spectacular indicator. I have been learning for the first time for more than 10 years. I see things as clear as I had never seen in my years as an investor.

- Purchased Solar Wind

 by Hope
Excellent Indicators

Today I traded with Supply/Demand Discovery and made $722 with S&P 500 micro contracts. I started to buy and sell from demand and supply zones 9:30 to 11:00 am, and I am super excited. I do trade with lots of micro contracts but the Gross PnL was never been this high before. I love the TDI Pro + Supply/Demand Discovery combination. Also, I am purchasing Be$t Alligator today, looking forward to this new indicator which will even make life easier for me.

Thank you and will continue to recommend your indicators.

Happy new Year!

 by A. B.

My trading is done using your creation of ninZaRenko bar. It works brilliantly for my needs (daytrading NQ). I wonder if people even realize the value of these bars which you have given for free! And I say this because I have quite a few different paid Renko bar types and none of them come close to what ninZaRenko does.

- Purchased Volume Delta + Intraday Adaptive S/R + Prevday Critical S/R + Solar Wind + Superior MFI

 by Stephen Gordet
Risk-Reward Meter

Risk-Reward Meter is the best money management tool you can buy. It automatically compounds investment on every trade. For small accounts using the new micro futures, instantly calculates appropriate number of contracts.

 by Nicole
EOB Ordering and ninZaRenko bar

Thank you so much. I have found "Active Till Canceled" feature of EOB Ordering and it is exactly what I’m looking for.

I must thank you again for your indicators, especially ninZaRenko bars. You have changed my trading for the better.

Your indicators are a game changer. I am finally profitable and see the market like never before.

 by Wade
Love Solar Wind

Love Love Love this chart/indicator and the ninZaRenko!

- Purchased Solar Wind

 by Ann N.
Be$t Alligator

Be$t Alligator is an excellent trading system! I finally found something that works by helping take the emotion out of trading. I love it and am very happy with my purchase.

 by Dave

I appreciate the excellent customer service.
Your indicators are top-notch!

- Purchased Superior MFI

 by Tibor

Wow, so fast, again. Your service is outstanding.

Also, congrats on Solar Wind indicator, I've been eyeing with it for some time, because it's an improved version of the much advertised trend system, for a fraction of the cost. Now on this sale, it's a complete steal.

Thank you so much!

 by Nick K.
Love ninZa.co!

I’ve just purchased another indicator and it’s amazing! They always work great and and do exactly what is described. I’ve alway know and trust you guys as you can see, as I now have several! Thank you!

Love ninZa.co!

- Purchased EOB Ordering + Smart Flattening + HAMA Monster + Smart Ruler + Easy Trend + SuperTrend Pro + Innovative Ordering

 by Avi
Efficient indicators

It's just that you have developed such efficient indicators (Prevday Critical S/R + Intraday Adaptive S/R) that I felt there is more that can be done with them.

You should put 2-3 indicators of ninZa.co's together to create a working system.

 by Raul
Market Speed and Global Zlert

I'm an experienced trader who has bought the Market Speed and Global Zlert indicators. Detected an issue with the Market Speed indicator which was immediately solved by the support team. Global Zlert is the best alert indicator for NT8, no doubt about that. It would be amazing if said alert indicator could be applied not only to the price main panel but to trigger alerts based on other indicator panels (e.g. RSI 80/20...). Very satisfied with the purchase and great support service as well.

 by SP
Great customer service

Thank you so much…I really appreciate it. One of the reasons I am a long-time customer is because of the great customer service you give to everyone.

- Purchased Volume Delta + MA Crossover + Superior Ichimoku + Prevday Critical S/R + Intraday Adaptive S/R

 by Wesley

Amazing, amazing help from the owner/creator of the indicators and this is not the usual with other companies I've tried!

- Purchased Solar Wind + Intraday Adaptive S/R

 by Dave M.
Volume Delta

Volume Delta: As usual thanks so much for the quick responses. This is why you guys are the only company I purchase from.

 by Bob
Fakey Pro, Inside and Outside Bars

These bars (Fakey Pro + Inside Bar Pro + Outside Bar Pro) are functional in SharkIndicators BloodHound and BlackBird as well as siRaven. This is an important quality if you are into automating your buy/sell signals. Have to say ninZa.co provided a fast fix over the weekend to correct an issue. Their indicator prices are very reasonable and very useful.

 by JM
Close to Holy Grail

I have found, by a lot of trial and error, a way to day trade using the excellent ninZaRenko bar for the S&P emini. I use a Keltner channel mainly for the midline moving average and I use also a trend indicator. The ninZaRenko bar shows pivots better than any other bar I've seen. It's now easy to trade just using pivots and retracements. I love also your Innovative Ordering add-on. Thanks for all your great indicators!

 by Ricky Haynes
SuperTrend Pro

I stumbled on this website a few weeks ago. Download a free indicator and then paid for SuperTrend Pro. The indicators are awesome!! Thank you for your service. Along with some coaching and your indicators I have not had a losing day trading since I've implemented your indicators.

 by Russell DeLuca
SuperTrend Pro

SuperTrend Pro: Yet another GREAT indicator from ninZa.co! Love it!

 by Russell
EOB Ordering and Others

EOB Ordering is an awesome tool that works flawlessly with Chart Trader - a must have for discretionary trading. Support by Pi is excellent, too! I really have found all the indicators purchased here to be excellent. Zero complaints!

 by Chuck T.
Great Indicators + Rare Care

I am more than pleased with your continued care. As an owner of "Just EVERYTHING" combo, I get the same care from you as someone who is only a 3-indicator owner with the potential to spend much more money. You are great at taking care of us when the rare care need arises. Thanks for great indicators and even more for great ongoing customer care.

 by Don
HAMA Monster + MA Crossover

I find that HAMA Monster and MA Crossover give me great discipline when using as entries, combined with other information that the market is signaling.

These are being used in the futures market on a chart using your ninZaRenko bars, the visual information cannot be beaten.

 by Martin
Superior Ichimoku

Thank you Pi, it is a pleasure doing business with you. You are always so prompt, I appreciate it.

 by Nicky
EOB Ordering

Just wanted you to know , EOB Ordering is by far my favorite tool, amazing job!

 by Michael J. Crump
Risk-Reward Meter

I love Risk-Reward Meter. It paid for itself several times on the first day. How? I saw that I could tighten my stop position on my short, dragged the stop position down in Risk-Reward Meter and Chart Trader automatically changed my contracts from 2 to 4. When the order triggered I dragged my limit order out to my target. So, I got a 3:1 trade instead of the 2:1. If you trade a percentage of your account, e.g. 1-1/2% you know it's a problem because it take times to calculate the risk:reward, position size, number of contracts, and even with a spreadsheet sometimes you don't have the time. So, if you are like me, you have a default position size and you use that... every time. But this tool is quick. And if you're not trading a percentage of your account (you can set it up to do that too), you really ought to get a good understanding of what a set percentage risk of on every trade can do for you in the long run. It can speed up your compounding amazingly.

 by Sherif
Helpful: Superior Bollinger, Superior Volume, Volume Delta

Your indicators are so helpful.

I just started using your Superior Bollinger bands and it is really great.

I also recently added Superior Volume and Volume Delta to my charts and they are also very helpful.

Great work with your indicators!

 by Alex
Risk-Reward Meter & Magical TMA Bands

I want to say you are a genius for making such good indicators, I absolutely love them. Excellent and clean coding. I made 4 points on the ES using the Magic TMA Bands!

 by Sherwin F.
Total Alert


 by Gary
Volume Delta

My compliments to the programmer of the Volume Delta indicator. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to understand its purpose. Even I can understand and use this indicator and that’s saying a lot!

 by Birgir
EOB Ordering

What a great tool -- works perfectly now --- so damn beautiful on my chart and exactly what I have been looking for...

The design and ease of use are stunning and the most useful tool ever made.

Gonna love this one forever! This is clearly the best trading tool investment I have ever made!

Can't thank you guys enough.

 by Jeff W.

Thank you, and I love the indicators I got from you guys. Ended up getting Just EVERYTHING combo!

 by Zohar E.
Innovative Ordering

I bought the Innovative Ordering indicator.

The service is excellent 5 stars.

The indicator is excellent.

I will continue to buy indicators in the future as well.

Good service is the secret to success.

 by Erik Brown
Great customer support, even for free indicators!

Larry Pi was an incredible help when I didn't know how to apply his free Bar Duration indicator to an automated strategy. Now I get to test some ideas that I had, and could not of done it without him.
Thank you so much again!

 by Matt

I downloaded and am using your ninZaRenko bars - very nice! Also, very nice that you offer them free. Thank you!

 by Sandeep Rao
Awesome Indicator and Pi Rocks!

This is my story, I ordered the Day Range indicator for NIFTY India. To my dismay, it didn't work well as it calculated ranges in ticks. I asked Larry Pi if there was a workaround, and he created a new version with all the choices for range unit: points, ticks, pips. He was with me all through the process, with very short turnaround cycles. So don't hesitate at all to pick what you want! You won't regret.

 by AJ
Market Profile & Order Flow

Your tools are really great, easy to use and looks very very good!

 by Azam
[Free] Price Tracker

Yet again I found another Gem on your website - Price Tracker! Thank you sooooooo much for this!

The text box that displays the Instrument-Timeframe-Price information is fantastic. This way it solves a problem for me which NinjaTrader themselves cannot provide a solution for i.e. to be able to walk a small distance away from my chart and see my setups working. A huge convenience for traders, especially if they are looking at their charts all day!

 by Charles S.
Excellent Tools

Thank you, Pi, for all you do to enhance the trading community with your excellent tools!

Wishing you and yours all a happy and healthy holiday season, and a prosperous New Year ahead.

 by Moby
Innovative Ordering

Excellent product and further refined promptly upon request.

For years before I used NT8 I only traded off the DOM. I have found that I am better executing off a chart than a DOM and this tool helps me turn NT8 into a great one click trade execution system. In other words, it ensures I do not take my eyes off what I am relying for my trades.

 by Edwin

Thank you for everything, your indicators really make sense to my trading.

 by Francis
Total Alert

NT8 new alert system is great but it takes more time to create alerts than in NT7. Larry Pi created a really nice alert system (Global Zlert) to solve this problem and even if the indicator is already incredible, he took the time to implement some new features to make it even more perfect when I asked. All my respect to ninZa.co and its awesome after-sale service, something we don't see that often nowadays.

 by Tilton F.
Superior Stochastic

I purchased your Superior Stochastic, what a great indicator I just wanted to share that with you I’m very satisfied with your indicators.

 by Frances
Volume Delta

Volume Delta by ninZa.co is one of the best indicators, if not the best, that I've ever used - and I use Jigsaw too.

It's easier to watch during volatile periods than the order flow.

 by Nathan
Alert Sound Maker

I just want to say thank you for ninZa.co's Alert Sound Maker software. I love it! So simple to use.

 by Scott P.
MA Crossover

Great indicator… Best money I have spent on trading all years.

 by Karthik
Great volume profiles

I was looking around for a good volume profile product and I found one with ninZa.co. The beauty is it runs smooth and is a blessing for those who cannot afford to throw money on jazzy products. It is perfect for someone who is looking for volume-based path for a futures product. In fact, my investment calls have improved too as my cost of acquisition for investments are driven by volume profiles now.

 by SG
Innovative Ordering

If you’re a scalper, Innovative Ordering is a must-have program for your toolbox. It significantly speeds up order placement, and when necessary, quantity selection. This program can make the one or two tick difference that means hitting your target or not. There are a ton of options, and any questions that you may have about them are quickly and completely answered.

Really like the Innovative Ordering program. Perfect. Thanks!

 by Jeremy
Superior Volume Indicator Usage in Strategy

I worked with Larry Pi and he provided very quick and helpful service. He was able to quickly show me the exact way that I should be using the indicator class as well as provided chart screenshots to explain its usage. It worked perfectly afterwards.

 by Nathan
Magic TMA Bands

Magic TMA Bands indicator is awesome. Thank you Larry Pi. Great stuff!

 by Robert
EOB Ordering

Just purchased EOB Ordering and can say that it's a true dream when it comes to trying to submit orders on renkos.

The settings make perfect sense! I tested it on the simulated feed and it was exactly as Pi just stated. I guess this is exactly what I expected when purchased. Well done sir!

Maybe will purchase Innovative Ordering also in the future if needed. Well worth it.

 by Ricardo A.
Market Profile

After using Market Profile (Composite) and Market Profile (Flexible) for a few days, I feel that I made the right decision to purchase your product as oppose to your other competitors. Your market profile indicators are well thought of and were designed quite well. Other market profile indicators are a bit cumbersome to use… So, well done and kudos to you and your team!

 by Zohar
[NT8] Total Alert

I bought Global Zlert and it works great on NT8. The big advantage: When I work with many charts, as soon as there is an alert the background of the chart changes to a very clear and strong color. So convenient to work and clearer than ever. Recommended!

 by Jim
Great product, and AWESOME customer service!!!

Seriously, these guys do not mess around in taking care of their customers. I purchased, and have been using Innovative Ordering, and love it. Great product, EXCELLENT customer service!

 by Vincent L.
Amazing Customer Service and Amazing Indicators

The guys from ninZa.co went over and beyond to help me out. I'm very happy with the Superior Ichimoku indicator and can't find this premium indicator anywhere else. Thank you!

 by Tamas

ninZa.co's products are excellent, very useful. Customer service is very helpful.

 by Fran
Volume Delta

Volume Delta is an excellent indicator. It helps me screen out potentially losing scalp trades. It's also very helpful recognizing reversal points and swing points. Highly recommended.

 by Andreas Jobst
Market Profile (Flexible) - Just Great !!!

Thank you for this tool, Market Profile (Flexible).

It helps me very much for my trading and the tool is very very easy to use and very clear design !!!

 by John

Your ninZaRenko bar has changed my life !!!

 by JP
Unmatched support

I had issues with one of the indicators that I bought from ninZa.co and Larry Pi fixed it at blazing speed. Not only that he helped me with programming questions to incorporating the indicators into strategy. Great Work!!

 by EO
Top-Notch Support

The indicators at ninZa.co are of very high quality. Both free and paid ones. I have tried indicators from other sources but Larry Pi's indicators are still unbeatable! Support is fast and prompt too. I reported an indicator display issue due to my unique monitor scaling setup and it got fixed within 24 hours. Very impressive speed and keep up the good work!

 by Francis
Total Alert

I wanted to say that Global Zlert is really wonderful and works superb, the many options are amazing!

 by I. B.
Horizontal Label

Horizontal Label tool is just the ticket!

Pi was very helpful and fast.

Hope to buy some others when I have some money.

 by Alec

Great PRODUCTS, great SERVICE! Pi personally answered all my questions. I'm testing out a few of his indicators on a demo account now. I'm looking forward to going live soon.

 by Barbara
Market Profile (daily)

I purchased the Market Profile (Daily) indicator. Works great and very easy to use. Lots of options to customize the indicator. I use it on NinjaTrader 8. Funny thing is the Ninja community keeps complaining that there is no Market Profile indicator that works. This one sure does!

 by Igor
Superior Volume

Thanks for very helpful website ninZa.co. Your indicators are really amazing. Thanks for the BEST VOLUME INDICATOR (ninZa.co's Superior Volume). Good job!!!

I wish you the best of luck!

 by Sherif

ninZa.co's "Just EVERYTHING" combo is quite a collection of indicators. Pi, you are a master programmer. Luckily you decided to program for the trading community.

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