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by Martin on ninZa.co
Superior Ichimoku

Thank you Pi, it is a pleasure doing business with you. You are always so prompt, I appreciate it.

by Nicky on ninZa.co
EOB Ordering

Just wanted you to know , EOB Ordering is by far my favorite tool, amazing job!

by Michael J Crump on ninZa.co
Risk-Reward Meter

I love Risk-Reward Meter. It paid for itself several times on the first day. How? I saw that I could tighten my stop position on my short, dragged the stop position down in Risk-Reward Meter and Chart Trader automatically changed my contracts from 2 to 4. When the order triggered I dragged my limit order out to my target. So, I got a 3:1 trade instead of the 2:1. If you trade a percentage of your account, e.g. 1-1/2% you know it's a problem because it take times to calculate the risk:reward, position size, number of contracts, and even with a spreadsheet sometimes you don't have the time. So, if you are like me, you have a default position size and you use that... every time. But this tool is quick. And if you're not trading a percentage of your account (you can set it up to do that too), you really ought to get a good understanding of what a set percentage risk of on every trade can do for you in the long run. It can speed up your compounding amazingly.

by Sherif on ninZa.co
Helpful: Superior Bollinger, Superior Volume, Volume Delta

Your indicators are so helpful.

I just started using your Superior Bollinger bands and it is really great.

I also recently added Superior Volume and Volume Delta to my charts and they are also very helpful.

Great work with your indicators!

by Alex on ninZa.co
Risk-Reward Meter & Magical TMA Bands

I want to say you are a genius for making such good indicators, I absolutely love them. Excellent and clean coding. I made 4 points on the ES using the Magic TMA Bands!

by Sherwin F. on ninZa.co
Total Alert


by Gary on ninZa.co
Volume Delta

My compliments to the programmer of the Volume Delta indicator. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to understand its purpose. Even I can understand and use this indicator and that’s saying a lot!

by Birgir on ninZa.co
EOB Ordering

What a great tool -- works perfectly now --- so damn beautiful on my chart and exactly what I have been looking for...

The design and ease of use are stunning and the most useful tool ever made.

Gonna love this one forever! This is clearly the best trading tool investment I have ever made!

Can't thank you guys enough.

by Just EVERYTHING on ninZa.co
Jeff W.

Thank you, and I love the indicators I got from you guys. Ended up getting Just EVERYTHING combo!

by Zohar E. on ninZa.co
Innovative Ordering

I bought the Innovative Ordering indicator.

The service is excellent 5 stars.

The indicator is excellent.

I will continue to buy indicators in the future as well.

Good service is the secret to success.

by Erik Brown on ninZa.co
Great customer support, even for free indicators!

Larry Pi was an incredible help when I didn't know how to apply his free Bar Duration indicator to an automated strategy. Now I get to test some ideas that I had, and could not of done it without him.

Thank you so much again!

by Matt on ninZa.co

I downloaded and am using your ninZaRenko bars - very nice! Also, very nice that you offer them free. Thank you!

by Sandeep Rao on ninZa.co
Awesome Indicator and Pi Rocks!

This is my story, I ordered the Day Range indicator for NIFTY India. To my dismay, it didn't work well as it calculated ranges in ticks. I asked Larry Pi if there was a workaround, and he created a new version with all the choices for range unit: points, ticks, pips. He was with me all through the process, with very short turnaround cycles. So don't hesitate at all to pick what you want! You won't regret.

by AJ on ninZa.co
Market Profile & Order Flow

Your tools are really great, easy to use and looks very very good!

by Azam on ninZa.co
[Free] Price Tracker

Yet again I found another Gem on your website - Price Tracker! Thank you sooooooo much for this!

The text box that displays the Instrument-Timeframe-Price information is fantastic. This way it solves a problem for me which NinjaTrader themselves cannot provide a solution for i.e. to be able to walk a small distance away from my chart and see my setups working. A huge convenience for traders, especially if they are looking at their charts all day!

by Charles S. on ninZa.co
Excellent Tools

Thank you, Pi, for all you do to enhance the trading community with your excellent tools!

Wishing you and yours all a happy and healthy holiday season, and a prosperous New Year ahead.

by Moby on ninZa.co
Innovative Ordering

Excellent product and further refined promptly upon request.

For years before I used NT8 I only traded off the DOM. I have found that I am better executing off a chart than a DOM and this tool helps me turn NT8 into a great one click trade execution system. In other words, it ensures I do not take my eyes off what I am relying for my trades.

by Edwin on ninZa.co

Thank you for everything, your indicators really make sense to my trading.

by Francis on ninZa.co
Total Alert

NT8 new alert system is great but it takes more time to create alerts than in NT7. Larry Pi created a really nice alert system (Total Alert) to solve this problem and even if the indicator is already incredible, he took the time to implement some new features to make it even more perfect when I asked. All my respect to ninZa.co and its awesome after-sale service, something we don't see that often nowadays.

by Tilton F. on ninZa.co
Superior Stochastic

I purchased your Superior Stochastic, what a great indicator I just wanted to share that with you I’m very satisfied with your indicators.

by Frances on ninZa.co
Volume Delta

Volume Delta by ninZa.co is one of the best indicators, if not the best, that I've ever used - and I use Jigsaw too.

It's easier to watch during volatile periods than the order flow.

by Nathan on ninZa.co
Alert Sound Maker

I just want to say thank you for ninZa.co's Alert Sound Maker software. I love it! So simple to use.

by Scott P. on ninZa.co
MA Crossover

Great indicator… Best money I have spent on trading all years.

by Karthik on ninZa.co
Great volume profiles

I was looking around for a good volume profile product and I found one with ninZa.co. The beauty is it runs smooth and is a blessing for those who cannot afford to throw money on jazzy products. It is perfect for someone who is looking for volume-based path for a futures product. In fact, my investment calls have improved too as my cost of acquisition for investments are driven by volume profiles now.

by SG on ninZa.co
Innovative Ordering

If you’re a scalper, Innovative Ordering is a must-have program for your toolbox. It significantly speeds up order placement, and when necessary, quantity selection. This program can make the one or two tick difference that means hitting your target or not. There are a ton of options, and any questions that you may have about them are quickly and completely answered.

Really like the Innovative Ordering program. Perfect. Thanks!

by Jeremy on ninZa.co
Superior Volume Indicator Usage in Strategy

I worked with Larry Pi and he provided very quick and helpful service. He was able to quickly show me the exact way that I should be using the indicator class as well as provided chart screenshots to explain its usage. It worked perfectly afterwards.

by Nathan on ninZa.co
Magic TMA Bands

Magic TMA Bands indicator is awesome. Thank you Larry Pi. Great stuff!

by Robert on ninZa.co
EOB Ordering

Just purchased EOB Ordering and can say that it's a true dream when it comes to trying to submit orders on renkos.

The settings make perfect sense! I tested it on the simulated feed and it was exactly as Pi just stated. I guess this is exactly what I expected when purchased. Well done sir!

Maybe will purchase Innovative Ordering also in the future if needed. Well worth it.

by Ricardo A. on ninZa.co
Market Profile

After using Market Profile (Composite) and Market Profile (Flexible) for a few days, I feel that I made the right decision to purchase your product as oppose to your other competitors. Your market profile indicators are well thought of and were designed quite well. Other market profile indicators are a bit cumbersome to use… So, well done and kudos to you and your team!

by Zohar on ninZa.co
[NT8] Total Alert

I bought Total Alert and it works great on NT8. The big advantage: When I work with many charts, as soon as there is an alert the background of the chart changes to a very clear and strong color. So convenient to work and clearer than ever. Recommended!

by Jim on ninZa.co
Great product, and AWESOME customer service!!!

Seriously, these guys do not mess around in taking care of their customers. I purchased, and have been using Innovative Ordering, and love it. Great product, EXCELLENT customer service!

by Vincent L. on ninZa.co
Amazing Customer Service and Amazing Indicators

The guys from ninZa.co went over and beyond to help me out. I'm very happy with the Superior Ichimoku indicator and can't find this premium indicator anywhere else. Thank you!

by Tamas on ninZa.co

ninZa.co's products are excellent, very useful. Customer service is very helpful.

by Fran on ninZa.co
Volume Delta

Volume Delta is an excellent indicator. It helps me screen out potentially losing scalp trades. It's also very helpful recognizing reversal points and swing points. Highly recommended.

by Andreas Jobst on ninZa.co
Market Profile (Flexible) - Just Great !!!

Thank you for this tool, Market Profile (Flexible).

It helps me very much for my trading and the tool is very very easy to use and very clear design !!!

by John on ninZa.co

Your ninZaRenko bar has changed my life !!!

by JP on ninZa.co
Unmatched support

I had issues with one of the indicators that I bought from ninZa.co and Larry Pi fixed it at blazing speed.

Not only that he helped me with programming questions to incorporating the indicators into strategy.

Great Work!!

by EO on ninZa.co
Top-Notch Support

The indicators at ninZa.co are of very high quality. Both free and paid ones. I have tried indicators from other sources but Larry Pi's indicators are still unbeatable! Support is fast and prompt too. I reported an indicator display issue due to my unique monitor scaling setup and it got fixed within 24 hours. Very impressive speed and keep up the good work!

by Francis on ninZa.co
Total Alert

I wanted to say that Total Alert is really wonderful and works superb, the many options are amazing!

by I. B. on ninZa.co
Horizontal Label

Horizontal Label tool is just the ticket!

Pi was very helpful and fast.

Hope to buy some others when I have some money.

by Alec on ninZa.co

Great PRODUCTS, great SERVICE! Pi personally answered all my questions. I'm testing out a few of his indicators on a demo account now. I'm looking forward to going live soon.

by Barbara on ninZa.co
Market Profile (daily)

I purchased the Market Profile (Daily) indicator. Works great and very easy to use. Lots of options to customize the indicator. I use it on NinjaTrader 8. Funny thing is the Ninja community keeps complaining that there is no Market Profile indicator that works. This one sure does!

by Igor on ninZa.co
Superior Volume

Thanks for very helpful website ninZa.co. Your indicators are really amazing. Thanks for the BEST VOLUME INDICATOR (ninZa.co's Superior Volume). Good job!!!

I wish you the best of luck!

by Sherif on ninZa.co

ninZa.co's "Just EVERYTHING" combo is quite a collection of indicators. Pi, you are a master programmer. Luckily you decided to program for the trading community.

by CT, Missouri on ninZa.co
EOB Ordering

I love the EOB Ordering tool. Very versatile and handy. It gets you into a position that otherwise you could not get into by hitting the normal entry buttons in NT8.

by John M. on ninZa.co
Superior Volume

The title of this indicator (Superior Volume) is an understatement.


by Pam R. on ninZa.co
Awesome Support

Larry Pi always goes above and beyond to help resolve my issues. No matter the question or concern, he is patient and works to assist until the matter is resolved. Best of all - his response time is quick and resolution instructions are clear and simple. Thank you SO much!

by DDavid on ninZa.co

I have been trading now going on 20 years. I have been using NinjaTrader 7 and had bought a 3rd party Renko Hybrid candlestick and Bar target indicator for NinjaTrader 7 sometime ago, however the vendor has not at this time come out with a NinjaTrader 8 version. So, I googled, looking to see if I could find something similar for NinjaTrader 8, that’s when I came across ninZa.co. Not only is ninZaRenko the same as the Renko Hybrid candles I was using in NinjaTrader 7, I now have the ability to refine the bars to a much greater degree giving me tighter stops, which equates to less Risk. I use the ninZaRenko bars and the Bar Status indicator in combination with a Stochastics indicator to confirm entries and exits in the treasury markets, the 10-year note (ZN) being my primary instrument. I also use the Bar Status indicator on my range bars as well. I look for patterns that repeat themselves that give a measured move better than 70% of the time and with ninZa.co's candles in combination with Stochastics, I have many more opportunities to enter the market. I really appreciate Larry Pi making these indicators available, they make my job a lot easier.


by Tim on ninZa.co
NT8 Bar Status

Downloaded your Bar Status for NT8 platform 2 days ago and I love it.

Thanks a lot for the stuff you guys already provide for free!

by CT, Missouri on ninZa.co
EOB Ordering & MA Crossover

Your programming work amazes me. All selections in EOB Ordering work as shown in your demonstration video. The detail and selections packed into MA Crossover are truly amazing. This is true of all your indicators. I am impressed enough that I hope to eventually do the "Just EVERYTHING" combo.

by Doug on ninZa.co
Great Company!

I have downloaded three indicators from ninZa.co. Each one installed smoothly, compiled, and are working flawlessly. When I did have a question, I received an answer via email in minutes. Great company!

by Srini on ninZa.co
Best NT8 Indicators

I purchased "Just EVERYTHING" combo from ninZa.co and started using one at a time. THE INDICATORS ARE GREAT AND WONDERFUL..... I LOVE THESE...

by John M. on ninZa.co
BEST !!!

Thanks for the absolute BEST indicators and the most creative, good-looking and useful website ninZa.co. You really DO HAVE the best website. Its graphic design is top and it's very easy to navigate and your gift of free indicators that are truly USEFUL is most appreciated. Thanks for all your hard work in this totally difficult environment!

And Happy Holidays no matter what is your background. I am a Christian but we are ONE HUMAN RACE.

by Peter B. on ninZa.co
Great Order Placement Tools

The service from ninZa.co has been excellent and their tools to help with order placement save me a lot of time and effort. EOB Ordering and Risk-Reward Meter in combination allow for accurate order placement.

by Darek S. on ninZa.co
Best Market Profile Tools

After working with profile tools from ACME, NOFT, and other providers - where you have to spend a lot of time to configure them - I say ninZa.co delivers the easiest to configure and use, best-looking market profile tools currently available.

by Steven W. on ninZa.co
Market Profile Combo

Thanks for your great indicators. Just purchased Market Profile combo today and loved them very much.

by Alex S. on ninZa.co
Great Work!

I'm using Karthik Dynamic RSI now which I like quite a lot, generally the whole concept of dynamic indicators is very interesting.

A quick thank for all the great work you do, I think your indicators are awesome. And thank you for the fact that you provide quite many of them for free as well - great contribution to retail traders :-).

by LP on ninZa.co
Market Profile

Market Profile (Flexible) for NT7 did not correctly show the price labels for financials instruments, ZB/ZN/ZF. It was fixed almost immediately after I reported the problem. Great response !!

The indicator itself is very easy to use and very useful for me.

by PB on ninZa.co
Market Profile Combo + Round Number

I really appreciate your great work and delivering such quality. I will recommend your indicators to fellow traders!

by JV on ninZa.co
Superior Ichimoku & Others

Thanks for providing wonderful indicators for NinjaTrader platform :).

by Fabiano L. on ninZa.co
Horizontal Label

Just downloaded your free tool Horizontal Label, it works great.

Thanks guys!!!

by Sherif on ninZa.co
Great Indicators & Great Support

Larry Pi creates really great indicators and he provides quick great support if any is needed. Not only that, but his indicators are well priced. Very much recommended.

by DerekFrazier on ninZa.co
Amazing Business

Thanks a lot, and especially for the speed of your response. Your business is amazing!

by J. Gause on ninZa.co
I Love Volume Delta & The Service

OK!!! Where do I begin. I love Volume Delta indicator and even more I love the service. The response time to answer concerns and question was FAST!!! I am talking about not next day but next hour fast. Larry Pi gave complete details as to what was the best way to use the indicator, which is rare. Most websites, after you purchase their product you never hear from them again. Please do yourself a favor and buy from this site and only this site. You will not go wrong, trust me.

by F.S. on ninZa.co
[Free] Total Alert

I have been using your [Free] Total Alert tool everyday for months on NinjaTrader 7. It has been essential to my trading. I have it set up to send me alerts when I am asleep at night when a critical area is reached. Thank you so much!

by J. Sanderink on ninZa.co
Market Profile Composite

I was already a satisfied user of ninZa.co's NT7 market profile indicators. This week I decided to try their NT8 version. After installation I ran into some issues. Those were quickly solved thanks to the excellent support. Thanks a million for that!

by Jim B. on ninZa.co
Wonderful Trading Software

Thanks so much for a wonderful array of indicators.

by Steve M. on ninZa.co
Larry Pi: Quality Programmer

Larry Pi is a quality programmer for NinjaTrader. His code is clean and efficient. He has built ninZa.co up to one of the go-to companies for NT7/8 indicators. He is generous with his skill, knowledge and work and maybe that's why he is also offering some very worthwhile indicators for free.

by Constantin on ninZa.co
Precision Tools

I have the Quick Drawing, Horizontal Label, EOB Ordering, Innovative Ordering, and ninZaRenko tools and love all of them. They are clean, work perfectly, and do not affect the speed of my NT at all.

I can't wait until all these tools are available for NT8, especially EOB Ordering and Innovative Ordering, which are big improvements over what NT has to offer...

by Umut Sahin on ninZa.co
Great Market Profile

I just bought Market Profile (Flexible). Great product, great service. Thanks ninZa.co.

by Chari on ninZa.co
Great Indicators

I have the market profile indicator and a few other from ninZa.co. My experiences using ninZa.co's indicators have been very positive. Larry Pi and his team are great programmers, they are flexible in adding features requested by users, plus transition to NinjaTrader 8 (market profile) has been a breeze. I have not seen a lag or crash yet. Thank you for making indicators affordable.

by mikem on ninZa.co
Trading Time for NT8

I use Trading Time indicator on another platform because it is not available for NinjaTrader 8. Looking forward to being able to add it to my NinjaTrader 8 platform. Thanks ninZa!

by Ralph on ninZa.co
Innovative Ordering Tool

Innovative Ordering is a 'Simple Made Easy' version of Chart Trader. No more right clicking to choose the order you want to submit. A single click makes ordering fast and efficient. Thanks Pi.

by Tom on ninZa.co
Tick Bound

I'm loving the Tick Bound indicator. I put signals on the tops and bottoms of my bars and I can see them now without messing with my vertical inputs with 5 ticks on each side of the last 10 bars. Thanks Pi.

by Oliver G. (Founder & CEO @ EUWAXsentiment.com) on ninZa.co
High Quality

I am impressed by the quality of your indicator – it is working great! Since I am a long-time programmer myself, I can see if something is made of high quality.

by Ennis on ninZa.co
Prompt Response

I was new to Ninja and not familiar with the indicator add-on. Pi's fast response has saved me lot of time & anxiety.

by Dave F on ninZa.co
Quality Time After Time

Just added Superior Ichimoku to my suite of trading indicators from ninZa.co.

I have to say I am never disappointed with the quality and effectiveness of Pi’s indicators. That along with the fantastic aftersales service is what keeps me coming back. Pi you are a legend, keep up the good work!


by Mark on ninZa.co
Professional Indicators

I've used a couple of your free indicators and they work very professionally, many thanks.

by Stephen Tremper on ninZa.co
Nice Little Gadget!

The alert indicator is a nice little gadget that allows me to do other things and when it hits I get a text and screen alert. Thanks for making it easy.

by Sherif on ninZa.co
Great Technical Support

Not only does Larry Pi create great indicators, but he stands by them and offers great support as well. We did a remote access connection to look into my issue, the same day that I emailed him about it. And during the remote access chat, he showed me what I needed to do to resolve the issue. Good support is so important in this fast paced sometimes overwhelming day and age. Thanks Pi.

by Jose Matias on ninZa.co
Thank you Pi

Pi replied me in one hour. I just asked for free indicators, not for paid indicators, and he replied me very fast. That says really good things about ninZa.co. Thank you for your help.

by Tom on ninZa.co
Thanks for your help

Prompt responses, eager to help, thanks Pi for all the help!

by Christian on ninZa.co
Signal Pack

A couple of weeks ago I purchased your Superior Bollinger indicator, very happy with it, great job! I've come to the conclusion that I could use a few more of your indicators, and so finally I've got the entire Signal Pack.

by Khaled Nator on ninZa.co
prompt service

Excellent customer support,

Prompt service,

Recommended essential NinjaTrader indicators.

by David on ninZa.co
Excellent Help

Pi, you are always very helpful. I appreciate your excellent assistance very much.

by Bill R. on ninZa.co
Quick Drawing

I have just downloaded your free "Quick Drawing" tool - brilliant, thank you.

by Darran on ninZa.co
Well-Made Indicators

I'm really enjoying your indicators. Thanks again! They are extremely well made, and I look forward to purchasing more from you in the future.

by FY on ninZa.co
Nice & Fast Profiles

I just had a chance to load your Market Profile (Daily) indicator. Very nice and much faster than Ninjacators' version 🙂

by Mike on ninZa.co
Market Profile

Just wanted to say I love the profiles that I bought from you. I can't wait till you have everything converted for NT8 so I can purchase the rest of my profile tools. I referred an old trading buddy to you and I believe he may have purchased the profiles also or is about to. I know it's only been days, but I think I already love your profiles more than the ones I have used for years with Trade Station. Thanks again for all your help and your awesome indicators.

by Thomas on ninZa.co
Innovative Ordering

The "Innovative Ordering" tool is simply outstanding and has changed my trading tremendously - so simple/fast placing orders etc etc - simply amazing ONE click tool !!!

I trade with great success and even better now after I got your "Innovative ordering" tool - outstanding - fast in and out and taking profit/setting targets with one click!

Retail price is way too low for what you get - could/should easily be $999!

by Robert on ninZa.co
Innovative Ordering

I love your Innovative Ordering tool. Really fast and easy. Nice job!

by Emil on ninZa.co
Market Profile Indicators

This review covers the Market Profile Total, Market Profile Flexible and Market Profile Daily indicators.

Well built and very reliable indicators. Performance is also excellent. I'm relying on these indicators in my day to day trading, using the L2ST trading framework. To anyone interested in profile trading, no matter if it's time or volume based, I can't recommend them enough.

Also, Pi offers excellent customer service, both before and after purchase.

by MC on ninZa.co
Custom Indicator

This is fantastic. Thank you so much for making the tool. I like the way you designed it and the way you have made it easy to display with the labels on the left or right. The settings you designed help both give the details when needed and the whole numbers when you do not - great job! Now I can finally go through all my charts with this easy to reference indicator. Long before I contacted you about this, I have been looking at these special numbers and their relationships and so I have eager to look at this for a long time but lacked an adequate tool. Your indicator is perfect for the job. Thank you again for doing this. I am super excited.

by Scott (Fund Manager) on ninZa.co
Highest Quality in the Industry

Thanks for all of your great indicators. They are the highest quality in the industry. Happy new year!

by Karll on ninZa.co
Quick Drawing

Gave Quick Drawing 5 stars because it is free. If I had to pay I would give it 4 stars. I would like to see more drawing objects, especially objects that indicate a buy or sell and a request for sizing objects (yeh, I know its free but a guy has to ask). Altogether, this is very useful because it is handy.

by Greg S. on ninZa.co

Happy New Year and keep up the outstanding development and products. Thank you!

by Jeff on ninZa.co
Quick Drawing

I use your Quick Drawing indicator every minute of every session and I love the time it saves. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

by Lee on ninZa.co
Awesome Free Indicators

Cool! Thanks so much for your FREE indicators. Easy to download as well. I love Quick Drawing with which I can now reach up and grab the fib tool. Awesome work. Thanks again.

by Igor on ninZa.co
USD Index

You did an amazing job with USD Index (DXY), specially for free, hard to believe. I've been looking to get DXY on NinjaTrader for ages, the one that comes with FXCM UK is not of my interest at all. I have to rely mostly on Tradingview for DXY. It is a nuisance to have 2 platforms for analysis, but that's the only option at the moment because I don't trade forex without DXY. Your DXY is the only close solution to having one for NinjaTrader, as far as I know.

by John on ninZa.co
Market Profile (Flexible)

I love the Flexible Market (Profile), even more. It is so easy to employ, exceptionally easy on the eye and very, very useful. Please keep up the great work you are doing!

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