Customer Service

While other vendors charge yearly or per-session fees, we offer our exceptional customer service 100% FREE of charge!

Rest assured that we will always try our hardest to assist you:

  • Under any circumstances
  • As soon & much as possible
  • Until your problem is resolved
  • For your entire life
  • At no extra cost

We are dedicated to serving customers devotedly with the philosophy “Customers are friends". Our wish (and business goal) is that you will always feel like you are talking to a friend who really cares about you - every time you connect with our support team.

In NinjaTrader 8, you can enjoy exclusive access to our Priority Support directly from chart (through clicking our logo). This special feature ensures that your inquiries are prioritized and answered first in the queue.

Please spend some minutes reading our customer reviews (averaging 4.99), you will realize that many of them are about our wonderful customer service.

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