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Thanks for all of your great indicators. They are the highest quality in the industry. Happy new year!

Scott (Fund Manager)


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by Robert G. on ninZa.co
Very happy

I use Solar Wind as my main trading tool. I love its multiple discrete signals, ninZaATR-based entry/exit levels, and how it “plays well with others” re: NinjaScript! I’ve told many other traders about my experiences with it and traders who then went on to buy it as I coached them on its use.

- Purchased Solar Wind + Lastweek Critical S/R + Prevday Critical S/R + Intraday Adaptive S/R + Day Range + AAA+ Trend Sync + EOB Ordering + Market Watch + HAMA Monster + Risk-Reward Meter + Sidewayz MA + Ruby River + Innovative Ordering + Outside Bar Pro + Inside Bar Pro + Superior Ichimoku + Supply/Demand Discovery + Speedup Zlert + Divergence Engine$ + Trio Reversal + Divergence Hidden$ + Superior MACD + CCI Trend Pro + Superior RSI + QQE Pro + Superior MFI + X-Day Critical S/R + Smart Ruler + Uni ☰ Pivot + Titanoboa Trader

by Tommi C. on ninZa.co
Great Indicators

I have bought several of your indicators: Superior MACD, Superior Stochastic, Half Trend Pro, Divergence Engine$, Divergence Hidden$.

I have quickly set up and learned to use Divergence Engine$ in my trading and have to say they are awesome when used appropriately.

These tools have become an essential part of my trading toolkit, which includes pre-market analysis to identify Market Structure (Major Support and Resistance) as well as a written trade plan. Between them and prior trades, I've been working on I have a total of 7 trade types in my trading basket for different market conditions.

Great job on all of the indicators, most particularly Divergence Engine$. Quickly identifying divergence in fast-moving markets is not easy without tools like this.

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Results of CCI Trend Pro on NQ & ES (11 Oct 2021)

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How does Half Trend Pro perform on NQ (06 Oct 2021)?

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