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NEW RELEASE Support/Resistance

X-Day Critical S/R

New indicator plots critical levels from the last X days to make a solid reference for today’s trading.

NEW RELEASE Big boys’ trades

Supply/ Demand Discovery

One of the very rare supply/demand indicators for NinjaTrader. Perhaps the most accurate one!

NEW RELEASE Volume-based colors


An indicator that directly integrates volumes into candle colors.

NEW UPDATE Watchlist mode

Smart Flattening

First-ever & truly unique product that helps you flatten everything.
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Thanks for all of your great indicators. They are the highest quality in the industry. Happy new year!

Scott (Fund Manager)


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by Barry M. on ninZa.co
Superior ADX/DMI

I am a trader with over 10 years pro trading experience. I use the ADX in my trading setup. I have purchased many indicators over the years and have never used any on them. I purchased Superior ADX/DMI of ninZa.co and although I thought the indicator was good I proposed a small change to the indicator that would improve it. They were kind enough to implement my changes. I can recommend Superior ADX/DMI as a genuine improvement on other ADX indicators, and ninZa.co as a company who cares about their customers.

by CT Missouri on ninZa.co
High quality

I knew then ninZa.co was a high-quality organization and you just keep demonstrating that reality to me over and over.

by David P. from Connecticut on ninZa.co
Amazing Supply/Demand Discovery

Just got your new Supply/Demand Discovery and it is truly a great improvement over everything else on the market. It will take me days to determine the best values for the variables for my different charts, but it will be worth the effort.

- Purchased Supply/Demand Discovery, TDI Pro, Solar Wind, Intraday Adaptive S/R, Ruby River, Market Profile (Daily), Day Range

by Mario on ninZa.co
Thank you

I want to thank you infinitely for this spectacular indicator. I have been learning for the first time for more than 10 years. I see things as clear as I had never seen in my years as an investor.

- Purchased Solar Wind

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