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PRIME* Half Trend Pro

Half Trend Pro is a famous moving-average-based trend indicator in the MetaTrader world that suits all trading styles, all instruments, all timeframes.

  • Half Trend Pro applies its own formula to find an average value of price over a user-defined lookback period.
  • The indicator colorizes plots, paints bar, and highlights background based on the market trend (up or down).
  • Half Trend Pro provides trend signals in such a simple way that traders of all levels can easily apply them for real trading purposes.

PRIME* Cumulative Delta Δ’s version decides market trends based on cumulative delta values:

  • If the cumulative delta is higher than a user-defined positive threshold, the market is considered to be in an uptrend.
  • If the cumulative delta is lower than a user-defined negative threshold, the market is considered to be in a downtrend.
  • Otherwise, the market is neutral.

ELITE* Titanoboa Trader ❤️

[universal] the GUN for any trading BULLETS

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Thanks for all of your great indicators. They are the highest quality in the industry. Happy new year!

Scott (Fund Manager)


These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other users or customers, and do not guarantee future performance or success.

by Lisa L. on
Ruby River

I can't tell you how happy I am with Ruby River. I have not made any changes but I do use it with a modified Renko bar. The signals that it is generating are great.

by Jeremy B. on
Easy Trend Is Too Easy!

I bought your Easy Trend indicator because it has the HMA indicator built in it. It is great! Previously I have purchased your Superior MACD, Superior Donchian, Be$t Alligator, and Ruby River. These all work in their own right, but Easy Trend after 1 week of practice trading is the one I needed this whole time.

Easy Trend has allowed me for the first time in nine months of practice to have a trading plan that I can stick to. With the background painted, the line changing colors, and my voice recorded to play "buy" and "sell" signals, it was my best week of paper trading yet.

I also want to say thanks for making Quick Drawing and Moving Median free. Quick Drawing is always on my charts and Moving Median is nice for spotting trends in higher time frames.

by Bill from Atlanta, GA on
Best in trading

I’ve owned several studies and I wouldn’t invest without them. What insight; second to none. Besides the studies, there is an excellent support staff always available. Can’t give a higher recommendation.

- Purchased Solar Wind + QQE Pro + Easy Trend + Be$t Alligator + Supply/Demand Discovery + Smart Ruler + Volume Delta + MA-Slope Trend Filter

by Peter from on

Did some good performance today once again on my Leeloo combine using ninZaRenko on Nasdaq. I like it. I personally like the higher settings like ninZaRenko 21/7, but when gets slow come down to ninZaRenko 12/4 and snag a few points.

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