Excellent NinjaTrader Heiken-Ashi Indicator Collection

Heiken-Ashi candle is outstanding from the traditional candlestick charts for being more readable and easier to analyze trends. The Heiken-Ashi candle first appeared back in the 1700s and was created by a Japanese rice trader, Munehisa Homma. In Japanese, Heiken means “average” and Ashi means “pace”. Combined together, the word Heiken-Ashi represents the average pace of price. Highlighting trend direction very well, NinjaTrader Heiken-Ashi indicators have become very popular technical analysis tools that thousands of NinjaTrader users across the globe put their trust in.

Though traders already have free access to the built-in Heiken-Ashi candle in NinjaTrader 8, we have developed an advanced version of this popular candle for the trading community: NinjaTrader 8 Heiken-Ashi Smoothed. Removing some limitations as well as adding lots of enhancements to the built-in version, we are confident that this enhanced Heiken-Ashi candle will offer a transformed way of displaying data on candlestick charts, allowing traders to set up great trading strategies.

For enthusiastic traders who want more than just candle charts, we have developed powerful technical indicators that are optimum combinations of the NinjaTrader 8 Heiken-Ashi candle and different indicator types. These awesome Heiken-Ashi indicators are worth considering if you are trying to build a good NinjaTrader Heiken-Ashi strategy.

If you go in search of unique oscillators that contain the Heiken-Ashi candle, why not take a look at our Heiken-Ashi & MFI Blend, Heiken-Ashi & RSI Blend, and Heiken-Ashi & Stochastic Blend? They are very effective tools to detect price reversals, particularly in sideways markets.

We built the HAMA Monster by applying the Heiken-Ashi smoothing on moving averages. The mixture of these 2 popular smoothing techniques has created one of the most well-received trend indicators in the NinjaTrader 8 arena. Another good Heiken-Ashi trend indicator for NinjaTrader 8 worth mentioning is Dragon Trend, which helps you keep your feet on the ground to calmly monitor and make the most earnings out of a lasting trend.

Our list of NinjaTrader indicators that feature the application of the Heiken-Ashi formula will continue expanding in the future. As a result, traders who are big fans of this popular Japanese candle will have more robust Heiken-Ashi indicators to choose for the development of a great NinjaTrader Heiken-Ashi strategy.

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