Great FREE NinjaTrader Indicators

Our FREE NinjaTrader indicators are developed at PREMIUM quality. is famous for a large number of valuable NinjaTrader indicators for download, used & loved by 30,000+ traders around the world.

We have been developing EVERY of our free NinjaTrader indicators at the same PREMIUM QUALITY as our paid indicators, because our effort is to balance between making sales and supporting the community. With that being said, our list of free indicators for NinjaTrader will continue expanding in the near future. Therefore, ninZaFamily traders will have access to a big library of high-quality free indicators.

If you ask us what is the MOST VALUABLE freebie that we have ever released so far, the answer is definitely our ninZaRenko bar. It has become one of the most popular renko bars for NinjaTrader 8, trusted by thousands of serious traders around the world.

If you are looking for the best free utility indicators for NinjaTrader, we have great ones for you. These free utility indicators were developed to make your trading activities easier and more convenient. You can track the market price with the free Price Tracker indicator or can draw objects quickly with just a single click through the Quick Drawing tool. With the free Bar Status indicator, you know where a bar is going to end. With Horizontal Label, you can set a custom label for each horizontal line on your chart.

Apart from that, we offer the best free signal indicators, such as Williams VIX Fix, Moving Median, Karthik Dynamic RSI, ">[Free] Bollinger %B… They are totally free to download and install on the NinjaTrader platform. The list of free signal indicators will still expand even further in the coming months!

All the best free indicators for NinjaTrader are now available at your fingertips.

Here are our FREE NinjaTrader indicators, download them now.
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