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With their superior & original features, ninZa.co’s professional NinjaTrader indicators have redefined benchmarks for the industry. Our trading software products are popularly known as:

Essential. Excellent. Elegant. Affordable.


ninZa.co is an official member of NinjaTrader Ecosystem together with 600+ industry-leading professionals that provide traders with quality trading products & services.

Just in a few years, ninZa.co has grown from a vendor that nobody knew to one of the best & largest brands in the NinjaTrader world. That proves we have gone the right direction, and we have brought true values to the NinjaTrader community.

We pledge to provide all NinjaTrader users with professional NinjaTrader 8 indicators, many of which are FREE trading software. We always try our best to balance between making sales and supporting the community!

Thank you for having chosen us and stayed with us!Thank you very much for your tremendous support, all of our loyal users!


I am Larry Pi, the friendly founder of ninZa.co.

A little bit about myself. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication. However, my life has never gone that route, I have never been an engineer. I love trading so much that I have passionately pursued many trading-related opportunities since my graduation, one of which led to the founding of ninZa.co.

Over time, my dev team and I have been able to develop more sophisticated software indicators at a very high level of accuracy and efficiency. We had not even recognized that until customers said ninZa.co’s trading software was far superior to similar products by other vendors, even the top vendors.

I love communicating with my customers, many of whom have become my online pen pals or close buddies. I have also had fantastic opportunities to know and talk with great traders, fund managers, educators, business partners, friendly competitors, organizations from all around the world. Big thanks to all of you!

Larry Pi is just my business name. As a strange taste, I prefer to be called “Pi” because it’s so short, sweet, and amazing lol.

Proudly support THOUSANDS of traders worldwide.