Greatest NinjaTrader Addons

Building a solid and successful trading strategy requires you to have a set of great NinjaTrader addons to do your job effectively, apart from robust technical indicators. provides a wide array of essential add-ons for the NinjaTrader 8 platform, ranging from order-execution addons, alert addons to utility addons. They are designed to make your trading experience much easier and more enjoyable, helping turn your trading activities into real returns.

A must-have NinjaTrader addon for traders that will make it fast and convenient to place orders is EOB Ordering. Reducing the ordering time to just a few milliseconds, EOB Ordering has always been our BEST SELLER since its release and has never shown any sign of cooling down.

Another order-entry addon that will be a great assistance for enthusiastic traders is Innovative Ordering. You can place all kinds of pending orders (LMT, MIT, SLM, STP) with just a single click on the desired price level on your chart. The giant buy & sell button of this NinjaTrader addon will come in handy when you need to place market orders at the lightning speed with maximum comfort.

Risk/Reward Meter offers a nice escape from the hassle of calculating potential risk and reward amounts before placing a trade. This handy NinjaTrader add-on will do boring and time-wasting steps and demonstrate all the information you need in an intuitive way. It also does an amazing job of position sizing and then sends the calculated order quantity to Chart Trader, ready for your next order.

If you are looking for a robust alert addon for the NinjaTrader 8 platform to help you effortlessly keep track of market price breakouts, then Global Zlert beautifully does the trick. It lets you freely drag & drop to define your “Up Alert” and “Down Alert” lines, which will then trigger alerts to notify you when a breakout in any direction occurs. Simple yet powerful!

Another great alert tool of’s also worth mentioning is Speedup Zlert. It is a useful NinjaTrader addon that will notify you of increased activities in the markets when you are away from your trading desk.

In addition to the essential NinjaTrader 8 add-ons mentioned above, there remain a lot of valuable add-ons for you to explore below, including both free and premium ones. Come to look at them yourself to find the NinjaTrader addons that best fit your trading style.

Enhance your trading experience with essential NinjaTrader 8 addons.