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Smart OCO Assistant

Placing OCO orders in NinjaTrader 8 is no more a hassle with this useful tool.


This tool will set you free from the time-wasting steps of placing OCO orders in NinjaTrader 8.

We are thrilled to present to you Smart OCO Assistant, a comprehensive tool that will ease and simplify your process of placing an OCO order in NinjaTrader 8, where OCO stands for One-Cancels-Others. All orders in an OCO group are linked together, and when any of them is filled or canceled, all other orders in the group will be automatically canceled as well.

Why OCO? Because OCO orders in the NinjaTrader 8 platform are very useful for news trading, breakout trading, creating manual stops & targets... So many applications, only restricted by your imagination! Therefore, apart from using usual orders, professional traders also utilize OCO orders to accomplish unique market entries & exits.

Our Smart OCO Assistant for NinjaTrader 8 brings you 5 amazing features described one by one below.

First, rather than right-clicking within the Chart Trader window to enable or disable OCO orders, you just need to click the "OCO" button on the control panel of our Smart OCO Assistant tool.

Second, you can quickly get a new OCO ID by simply using the "Reset ID" button rather than having to right-click Chart Trader twice. This one-click solution will be a time saver for you

Control panel

Third, the "Auto-Reset ID" feature of Smart OCO Assistant radically solves the problem when a new OCO order in NinjaTrader 8 can’t be submitted because the existing OCO ID becomes invalid, which occurs after any order of the OCO group is filled or canceled. In such a case, the OCO ID needs to be reset. Don't worry, you won't have to manually reset the OCO ID anymore, because the "Auto-Reset ID" feature will smartly identify the context and AUTOMATICALLY do the hard work for you!.

You won’t have to manually reset the OCO ID anymore.

Fourth, we added a wow factor to this handy tool: you can keep track of up to 5 different OCO groups at a time. For each OCO group, there will be a circular label with a user-defined color that displays the number of OCO orders in that group. Hovering the mouse over the label, you will see a breakdown of the number of orders per instrument in each OCO group. Distinguishing OCO groups by their colors is one of the best features we added to Smart OCO Assitant. Regardless of being on different charts, OCO orders belonging to the same group will always be labeled with the same colors.


All OCO orders with the same ID are marked with the same color.

Fifth, Smart OCO Assistant helps resolve the issue of ATM template selection when you attempt to place bracket OCO orders. With the default setting of NinjaTrader 8, you will see a big drawback when using ATM templates: for a particular ATM template chosen, you can place either Buy orders only, or Sell orders only. If you would like to place bracket NinjaTrader 8 OCO orders (buy & sell simultaneously), you will have to manually switch from the active ATM template (with the lightning symbol) to the original ATM template, before you can place an OCO order of the opposite direction. No worries, Smart OCO Assistant provides the "Auto-Restore ATM" function with which you can avoid that issue and place pending Buy & Sell orders continuously, as many as you wish.

This ATM selection issue with bracket OCO orders is fixed.

All in all, Smart OCO Assitant provides an intuitive and extremely convenient interface for traders who heavily rely on OCO orders. We believe that Smart OCO Assistant will become a must-have tool that brings you a great deal of comfort and saves you tons of time.

Software Changelog

  • 01 Jan 2023 - The indicator was released (build new).
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