Our Pricing

We sell not only professional NinjaTrader indicators, but also REPUTABLE customer service and many many more… The price (ONE-TIME) you see on a product page includes the following:

  • LIFETIME license of the product
  • FREE assistance (remote session) for installation if you cannot manage to install the product
  • LIFETIME support (world-class) for all issues related to the product, anytime you need
  • LIFETIME upgrade for the major NinjaTrader version at the time you purchase (currently: NinjaTrader 8)
  • FREE access to our unique & state-of-the-art licensing system with which you can easily manage the product license 100% YOURSELF

As you see, the price of a product does not only include the product itself. For just a one-time payment, you will receive many accompanying benefits whose values cannot be measured.

Don’t be confused if you see other vendors charge a lower price. Are they able to deliver as much as ninZa.co does? We are not sure!

We don’t compete with others on price. What we focus on is to provide QUALITY & VALUE.


Our professional trading software products are provided at reasonable prices. Traders just need to pay a one-time payment for a lifetime license of a high-quality indicator PLUS so many other accompanying benefits with immense value.

Especially, our world-class support will be 100% FREE of charge to you, for your whole life. No kidding!

The following table shows you an interesting fact.

Indicator Price Comparison
Other vendors ninZa.co
Upfront payment $300 - $1000+ on average


on average
Monthly free $100/month easily


Discount for multi-computer license no or little up to

50% OFF

Number of computers allowed up to 3 computers up to

5 computers

Discount for bundle puchase no or little


Member discount not offered by most vendors

great discount for ninZaFamily
Occasions of reduced prices once or twice per year

daily sales, monthly sales
Cycle of FREE support once or twice per year

daily sales, monthly sales
Support speed tickets delayed for days within

1 business day

Tickets ignored popularly seen


Remote assistance $50/session easily



Quality indicator don't necessarily cost a fortune


Our trading software products are affordable for most traders, but they are not cheap. In fact, they are no longer cheap! Here’s the story:

Smart Ruler is one of our very first releases.

+ The price was initially $25, it just got a few sales.

+ The price was raised to $50, it then started selling.

+ The price was further raised to $79 (its current price), it has become one of our best sellers so far.

Smart Ruler is still Smart Ruler with all the powerful features that make it the #1 ruler for NinjaTrader!

Why didn’t people get it at $25? Because they were afraid: cheap = low quality.

That’s why we believe that our trading software should be fairly priced to reflect their quality & importance.

Many traders hesitate to pay $100 for a great indicator that will forever be their helpful friend. However, they may easily spend:

  • Thousands of dollars on *killing* trading systems or signal services, which finally wipe out their accounts.
  • Thousands of dollars on *attractive* trading courses or mentoring services, which later prove unnecessary or even useless.
  • Thousands of dollars on *awesome* indicators, which actually have nothing special or even perform poorly.

Trading is a serious business, so you should invest seriously! Now it’s your choice.

Indicators are trading weapons. They are not toys.