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Our Pricing

We offer exclusive discounts for ninZaFamily members: 

  • First order: 50% OFF
  • Subsequent orders: Minimum 25% OFF, or 10% extra discount on top of other promos


If you are not a member yet, join ninZaFamily for FREE now to enjoy these special benefits.

We provide not only high-quality NinjaTrader products but also exceptional customer service, along with so many other accompanying benefits for our valued customers. 


The price (one-time payment) you see on a product page includes the following:

  • Lifetime license for the product
  • FREE 30-day product exchange
  • Lifetime support for all issues related to the product, at no extra cost
  • FREE remote assistance when needed
  • Lifetime upgrades for the major NinjaTrader version at the time of your purchase (currently: NinjaTrader 8)
  • FREE access to our unique self-service licensing system, allowing you to easily manage the product license 100% yourself


As you already see, our pricing encompasses a wealth of accompanying benefits, beyond the products themselves. With just a single one-time payment, you will unlock a trove of advantages whose value cannot be measured. 


While you may encounter other vendors offering lower prices, we invite you to consider the full scope of what we provide. Rather than competing solely on price, we prioritize delivering exceptional QUALITY & VALUE to ensure that your interaction with us receives utmost care and attention.





Our professional trading products are provided at reasonable prices. Traders simply need to pay a one-time payment for a lifetime license, plus a large number of accompanying benefits of immense value, as listed above. Especially, our exceptional customer support will be provided 100% FREE of charge to you, for your entire lifetime.


The following table shows you interesting facts.


Product Price Comparison
Monthly fee$100/month easilyZero
Discount for bundle purchaseNone or littleLarge
Member discountNone or littleDeep discount, exclusively for ninZaFamily
Occasions of reduced pricesOnce or twice per yearMonthly & weekly sales events
Period of true FREE supportUnknown, unclearLifetime
Remote assistance$50/session easilyFREE always
Support’s responseDelayed for days, even weeksWithin 1 business day
Ticket disregardPopularly seenNEVER
Fee for Machine ID change$10/change or even higherFREE through our self-service licensing system





Our trading software products are affordable for most traders, but they are not budget-priced. Here is the story…’s prices were much lower when the business was only the founder as a solopreneur or a group of freelancers many years ago. Why? Mostly because the business costs were somewhere “near zero” back then. 


However, the business has expanded so quickly, pushing us to the only choice of incorporating it. And here is the problem… After becoming a company, our business costs have quickly surged with unimaginably hundreds of costs. Running a company is very different from operating as a freelance group.


We are now a company with ~30 (thirty) people on our staff, united to provide traders with the best products and best customer service possible. To ensure flawless business operation and strong motivation for our entire staff, pricing updates are necessary, as you have already seen.


A common reality often observed is that a freelancer may charge just $100 for a product/service that companies typically provide for $200 or $300 as a minimum. This substantial difference often originates from a major reason: the “cost” problem. Despite their higher prices, companies tend to be more stable and less likely to disappear.


Additionally, our commitment to providing genuine LIFETIME support for one-time payments further necessitates maintaining our prices at a sustainable level.


Last but not least, recent years have seen significant inflation, resulting in largely increased prices of the products and services serving as inputs for our business. This economic circumstance has heavily influenced our pricing adjustments.


We hope to earn your understanding for our pricing, as it reflects the high quality and premium value we are committed to providing, plus external economic conditions.


If pricing is your concern, rest assured that we offer exclusive discounts for ninZaFamily members. Join ninZaFamily today to access special prices for our private community.