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Risk/Reward Meter

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Our NinjaTrader risk-reward tool will set you free from doing time-wasting calculations.

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    I have had the pleasure of working with Risk-Reward Meter for a couple of weeks and all I can say is WOW. Managing risk is the most important aspect of trading and this indicator makes it super easy. As they say: if you dont learn how to manage your risk, you will have no risk to manage. This product is worth 3 times the cost.
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This NinjaTrader risk-reward tool makes it easy to calculate risk & reward.


+ Risk-Reward Meter does NOT automatically place orders for you. + We added massive improvements in the NT8 version, which makes it a phenomenal position-sizing tool for NinjaTrader 8. However, please be informed that the NT7 version is not at the same level of functionality. Please read below to know which features are unavailable in the NT7 version.
Risk/Reward Meter is not only an essential NinjaTrader risk-reward tool, but also a unique NinjaTrader position-sizing addon that you'll see nowhere else. One of the most vital things you must do before placing a trade is to calculate potential risk & reward amounts. That is: draw some lines, calculate distances between the lines (perhaps in ticks), then divide the distances to derive the reward:risk ratio. A lot of boring and time-wasting steps, right? Forget them all! Let this handy NinjaTrader risk-reward tool do all these calculations for you and professionally display all the meaningful information on your chart, supporting up to 3 targets. More wonderfully, Risk/Reward Meter also does position sizing based on a user-defined risk amount that can be specified in either cash or a percentage of your account value. It is perfectly compatible with USD or non-USD accounts, and USD or non-USD instruments. Here are examples of money configurations for non-USD instruments that you should read and follow: FDAX config (currency: EUR) and EURGBP config (currency: GBP). Please find more details about this by following this link → https://ninza.co/risk-reward-meter-config After calculating the suitable quantity based on your criteria, this useful risk-reward tool for NinjaTrader 8 automatically sends the quantity to Chart Trader, ready for your next order placements. Key features:
  • Draw elegant risk & reward zones with up to 3 targets
  • Save drawing & calculations for an instrument (survive: platform restart, chart reloading, timeframe switch within that instrument)
  • Support fixed-quantity position sizing based on quantity input
    NT8 only
  • Support auto-quantity position sizing based on max risk (% of account cash)
    NT8 only
  • Synchronize quantity with Chart Trader
    NT8 only
  • Paint risk zone in a special color to alert max risk exceeded
    NT8 only
  • Display prices of stop & targets
  • Display reward:risk ratios of stop & targets
  • Display risk percentages of stop & targets
    NT8 only
  • Display the numbers of ticks (NT8 version supports pips as well) of stop & targets
  • Display money values of stop & targets
  • Paint risk & reward zones with customizable colors & opacity

Software Changelog

  • 25 Nov 2020 - Massive changes, fixes and improvements were made (DPI, display name, Z order); max risk in cash was added.
  • 22 Mar 2019 - The licensing system was critically upgraded.
  • 29 Aug 2018 - The indicator was re-exported to be compatible with recent changes of the platform; the toolbar menu was removed.
  • 09 Feb 2018 - The indicator was re-exported to be compatible with recent changes of the platform.
  • 03 May 2017 - Compatibility was improved.
  • 20 Apr 2017 - Incorrect drawing position on high-DPI screens was fixed.
  • 07 Feb 2017 - The indicator was re-exported to be compatible with recent changes of the platform.
  • 13 Dec 2016 - An auto-scaling issue was fixed; options were added for dragging management.
  • 09 Dec 2016 - The indicator was released (converted from its NT7 version).
  • 20 Dec 2014 - The flexibility to drag and drop reward levels was added.
  • 24 Sep 2014 - The indicator was released.


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