Risk Reward Meter Config

1. Rate: 1 XXX = ? YYY → The rate between the Instrument currency & Account currency.

2. Currency: Instrument (XXX)
For US instruments like ES, NQ, YM… → XXX is “US Dollar”
For European instruments like FDAX… → XXX is “Euro”
For forex, XXX is the currency in the denominator. For example:
EUR/GBP → XXX is CAD (“British Pound”)
EUR/JPY → XXX is JPY (“Japanese Yen”)
EUR/NZD → XXX is NZD (“New Zealand Dollar”)
EUR/CAD → XXX is CAD (“Canadian Dollar”)
GBP/AUD → XXX is JPY (“AustralianDollar”)

3. Currency: Account (YYY) → YYY is the currency in which your account is denominated.

4. Symbol: XXX → The symbol of the XXX currency.
5. Symbol: YYY → The symbol of the YYY currency.

6. Displayed Currency → The currency that you want to display.