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[Sister Brand] HelloWin Analytics

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    Thanks for all the great service you provided with my last request for a software swap. You allowed me to swap to a software version that is very useful and complementary to my trading style. You were very understanding and patient while I took my time to make up my mind. Great to do business with ninZa.co and partly because of folks like Hannah that provide an excellent service for support. I will definitely recommend ninZa.co to all my friends. Thanks Again Hannah.
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Special Offer

HelloWin is ninZa.co’s flagship product that will be constantly updated, enhanced, and extended with many coming plugins. If you purchase HellowWin today, you will also be FOREVER entitled to a 30% discount on any HelloWin plugins released in the future (some examples of plugins: stop/target, reward/risk optimization, trade execution…).

Let's say "Hello" to "Win" with ninZa.co's masterpiece: HelloWin for NinjaTrader 8.

HelloWin is ninZa.co's AMAZING analysis tool for NinjaTrader 8 that helps traders create & test any trading conditions that are based on existing indicators on a chart. Traders will easily visualize how price action behaves after a set of user-defined conditions is met. For example, you can analyze 50 bars after the RSI oscillator exits an oversold zone to see if the market goes up, down, or sideways within these 50 bars.

You can feel free to use NinjaTrader built-in indicators or any 3rd-party indicators that are NinjaScript-ready, like ninZa.co's Solar Wind, Superior ADX/DMI, Step MA Pro, NonlagMA Pro, T-Stop, Superior MACD...

No matter if the instrument is futures or stock; the indicators are built-in or 3r-party; the chart period is time-based (second, minute, day, week...), non-time-based (tick, range, volume...), or 3rd-party (like ninZaRenko) → HelloWin can analyze your conditions and help you gain an edge on the market!

Each & every trader needs this software to learn the market’s movement models BEFORE trading live. If you see the price moves adversely, just don’t trade those conditions. If you see the price moves in your favor, you can trade those conditions with CONFIDENCE.

In addition to preventing avoidable losses, you can take profits with excellent timing thanks to historical data provided by this fantastic analysis tool. For example, you would like to see how the market behaves within 30 bars after all of the following conditions (*) are met:

  • Step 1: HMA 15 is above SMA 30.
  • Step 2: The market closes above EMA 200.
  • Step 3: RSI 14 is below 50.

The chart to analyze is 50 days of NQ data, using ninZaRenko 12/4. As you see, this is a set of conditions aimed for going LONG. Here are what you'll do, step by step:

  • Step 1: Create a blank NQ chart using ninZaRenko 12/4 and load 50 days of data.
  • Step 2: Add HMA 15, SMA 30, EMA 200, RSI 14 to your chart.
  • Step 3: Create those conditions (*) in HelloWin.
  • Step 4: Set "Analysis Period" in HelloWin to 30 bars.
  • Step 5: Click "ANALYZE" and wait for HelloWin to do the analysis job for you.

Ding! Here is the analysis result produced by HelloWin.

Much to your surprise, the conditions (initially aimed for going Long) give BEARISH price development in reality. Without HelloWin, you would have suffered losses from going long those conditions. Now following the actual price movement model provided by HelloWin, our bias needs to be shifted to going SHORT.

Waittt... Here is another exciting POWER of HelloWin. The analysis page also indicates that we should consider exiting short positions around the 13th bar for profits to be retained. Of course, we can ride the downtrend as long as possible if there is no bullish candle at all. However, if there is a green bar appearing around the 13th bar, then our priority is to exit immediately.

Key features:
  • Allow setting "Analysis Period" up to 1000 bars (recommended: 50-200 bars)
  • Display average price development (in ticks) as a candlestick graph
  • Optionally plot standard deviations of price development
  • Allow ignoring condition overlap (i.e. condition inside condition)
  • Allow creating unlimited conditions using "AND" logic
  • Allow creating conditions based on existing indicators on a chart (built-in or 3rd-party)
  • Allow creating conditions based on existing instruments on a chart (using Open, High, Low, Close prices)
  • Allow creating conditions based on numeric value comparison (supporting decimals like -1.5, 2.8...)
  • Allow duplicating an existing condition
  • Allow editing an existing condition (the quickest way: double-clicking a condition to edit it)
  • Allow deleting any conditions
  • Allow dragging & dropping conditions to quickly rearrange them in the condition list
  • Allow saving current template to a file
  • Allow loading a template from a file
  • Allow enabling/disabling any conditions in the condition list
  • Save condition setup to survive chart reloading or platform restart
  • Highlight price action in analysis periods

Software Changelog

  • 01 Jun 2022 - The feature to save, save as, load a template was added; checkboxes were added to enable/disable any conditions.
  • 20 Mar 2022 - CrossAbove, CrossBelow comparison types were added; Median, Typical, Volume, Weighted prices were added; "Drag & drop" feature to rearrange conditions in condition list was added.
  • 17 Mar 2022 - DataSeries detection was added; IsValidDataPoint() check was implemented.
  • 11 Mar 2022 - An option to modify condition-item color was added; an option to modify condition-box background was added.
  • 08 Mar 2022 - Crosshair was added; "Show/Hide standard deviations" feature was enhanced.
  • 04 Mar 2022 - The indicator was released (build new).

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