Your ultimate guide to ZR Wallet

Exciting news, everyone! As we unveil our brand-new website, we're thrilled to introduce you to something truly extraordinary: ZR Wallet. But first, let's unveil the mystery behind "ZR" — it's short for our company's name, ZILLRISE.

What is ZR Wallet?

ZR Wallet is your personal key to non-withdrawable credit, a magical wallet that lets you shop to your heart's content on our website,

How can you open ZR Wallet?

Simply sign up for a FREE account on Your ZR Wallet will be activated automatically upon account creation.

How can you earn money into ZR Wallet?

ZR Wallet opens the door to effortless earnings through these activities:

  • Purchase making: Get an exclusive 10% cashback directly credited to your ZR Wallet every time you shop.
  • Daily login: Log in to your account at least ONCE A DAY, and you'll find $1 added to your ZR Wallet. It's like having a daily coupon.
  • Referred registration: Spread the word and earn!

    Refer your friends to open an account using your personalized referral link, and for each successful signup, you'll earn a delightful $3 in your ZR Wallet. Please log in to your account and find your referral link at

  • Referred purchases: Boost your earnings!

    When your referred friends make purchases within 30 days of clicking your personalized referral link, you'll earn a fantastic amount into ZR Wallet that is equal to 10% of their order value! Again, your referral link can be found at (only visible to logged-in users).

  • Note:

    A 0.5% deduction will be applied to your ZR wallet daily if left unused. Let‘s keep your ZR wallet active and working for you!

How can you spend ZR Wallet?

ZR Wallet isn't just about earning, it's about enjoying the benefits too. Apply the ZR Wallet balance to cover your purchase costs, and watch the magic happen.

It's cash-equivalent, which means the money in your ZR Wallet holds the same value as the cold, hard cash you'd use to shop. For example, let's assume you're interested in buying Supply/Demand Discovery, then:

  • Original price: $446
  • Your ZR Wallet balance: $150
  • Your final payment: $446 - $150 = $296
  • ZR wallet value applied to each product purchased cannot exceed 70%. This percentage may differ for each product and could change over time.

ZR Wallet is your versatile companion. Use it to pay for any products. The choice is yours!

Ready to get started? Let's explore 150+ professional NinjaTrader indicators & packages and unlock ZR Wallet benefits today.

Happy shopping, happy saving!