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iTrend Pro

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Are you a Day Trader or Swing Trader who utilizes trend identification to execute intermediate to long-term trades? If so, iTrend Pro is the right indicator for you.

ninZa iTrend Pro Indicator

Compared to the existing iTrend indicators available in the market, our iTrend Pro stands out with its unique features. What sets it apart? And how does it benefit you?

The following are 2 main distinguishing factors that you will not find in any other similar iTrend indicators.

Have you ever struggled to visually differentiate between Up and Down trends on the chart when utilizing a classic iTrend indicator?

We understand the frustration associated with this issue, and that's why we have implemented enhancements to emphasize the changes in trend states, greatly improving your experience in monitoring trends.

The background and markers of iTrend Pro are color-coded in Green/Pink to represent the Up/Down trend, enabling you to easily identify the trend regardless of where you’re looking at on the chart.

Additionally, the spread between DMI+ and DMI- has been color-coded based on the following rules:

  • If DMI+ crosses above and stays above the DMI- line, an Uptrend signal is triggered, and the spread between DMI+ and DMI- is highlighted in green.
  • If DMI+ crosses below and stays below the DMI- line, a Downtrend signal is triggered, and the spread between DMI+ and DMI- is highlighted in pink.

By doing so, our iTrend Pro enhances the visual aspect on the chart, eliminating confusion between the two trends if you solely rely on the color displayed by the two plot lines.

In addition, we have enhanced iTrend Pro with 2 powerful tools that are not found in other similar indicators. These tools help you obtain highly-reliable signals for trend identification:

  • Noise Reduction: By utilizing the Smooth tool, small and frequent intersections or crossovers are smoothed out, reducing noisy signals.
  • Plot Distance Setup: Crossover Tolerance is a parameter that defines the distance between the two DMI+ and DMI- plot lines immediately after they intersect. Signals will be selectively displayed when these two plot lines cross, and the distance between them is equal to or greater than the specified number in the Crossover Tolerance parameter.

Thanks to these two tools, iTrend Pro excels in minimizing cases where multiple noisy signals occur when the two DMI plot lines continuously cross each other within a short period of time. Traders can focus on dependable signals that meet the required number, ensuring better assessments of the prevailing trend.

In conclusion, iTrend Pro is an optimized trend indicator that builds upon the conventional usage of DMI+ and DMI- plot lines. What sets iTrend Pro apart from similar indicators in the market are its advanced features, which include noise signal filtering, trend signals, and intuitive color visualization of trend states. With these exceptional qualities, iTrend Pro becomes an essential addition to your collection of high-quality indicators.

Dedicated NinjaScript signals:
  • Signal_Trend: 1 = uptrend, -1 = downtrend

Software Changelog

  • 24 Jul 2023 - The indicator was released (built new).


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