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Dear my friends,


It’s Pi here, yes Larry Pi. In case you don’t know me, I’m the man who founded 10 years ago.


I have not written and sent you messages for years. So first of all, sincere greetings to all of the ninZaFamily members! Great day to all of the wonderful “Long time no see” pals I have had the honor to make friends with during the years.


Today, I really need your kind help by lending your voices here.


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Perhaps you already know that we are celebrating our 10th year in NinjaTrader Ecosystem. A full decade has passed since I founded this business.


In the spirit of celebrating our big 10th-year milestone, we have revamped our website with the goal of enhancing it in all aspects, helping you feel more comfortable and enjoyable browsing web speed, user experience, aesthetics, feature…


For your info, we have invested an immense amount of time, energy, and $50,000+ in this dream project in an effort to enhance your experience at And the result is what you can see here…


It’s hard to admit, but the project seems to be… far from a success, causing more disappointment than appreciation to visitors. Needless to say how we are disappointed.


However, the website is just one problem among so many other problems that my team and I are currently addressing and seeking to fix/improve.


On behalf of my team, I would like to sincerely apologize for any trouble, problems, difficulties, or inconveniences that may have been caused to you. We genuinely hope to earn your sympathy and support.


And this is very important to us… I’m writing you today with a heartfelt request. Would you be willing to spare a few moments of your precious time to share your invaluable feedback about


If you are busy today, then my team and I will wait for your feedback tomorrow, because your thought is crucial to our business.


My team and I have always wanted to improve and improve to bring you better and better products & customer service.


Therefore, 3-5 minutes of your precious time can make a significant difference, even a “win or loss”, to our business and will have a meaningful impact on thousands of traders around the world… 


… because your input will make a substantial contribution to helping shape the future of and how we can continue supporting 30,000+ worldwide traders to the fullest.


My team and I would be highly grateful and appreciate it if you could:


1/ Cast your vote at the end of the page (multiple choices are appreciated).


2/ Contact us to provide any ideas that you think are helpful to us. My team will surely listen and appreciate all of your feedback.


Just don’t hesitate to tell the truth, even if it may be bitter for us to hear (that’s indeed what’s good for us, and what we really wish to receive).


If there is anything you were afraid to share, please share it with us today!


This is the start of’s new decade. So let’s build a better decade together


Cannot thank you enough!




P.S. To express our gratitude, we will gift a $300 indicator of one’s choice to anyone who contacts us here to give us valuable feedback.