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[Package] Double Dragons Trading

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    I absolutely love the [Package] Double Dragons Trading. I used it for the first time on Friday and found it accurate and very profitable. Having this one system elevated my success rate. Thank You
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The Double Dragons Trading package combines our #1 best-seller indicator Solar Wind and the classic indicator MA Crossover. Solar Wind is highly adept at monitoring market price movements and providing detailed insights into price dynamics. Meanwhile, MA Crossover offers a broader perspective by outlining the market's primary trend. This package is tailored explicitly for traders who embrace the "Follow the trend" strategy to earn profit. The classic and widely used MA Crossover indicator helps determine the primary trend and acts as a filter to select Solar Wind’s highly reliable signals that follow the primary trend. We use 3 instances of MA Crossover with the following settings:
  • EMA 20 with EMA 200
  • EMA 50 with EMA 200
  • EMA 100 with EMA 200.
We use the data for 4 EMAs of 20, 50, 100, and 200 in the above settings. MA Crossover forms cloud bands that represent the primary trend and serve as support-resistance areas for price movements during uptrends and downtrends.
  • An uptrend is suggested if the EMAs 20, 50, and 100 sequentially cross above the 200 EMA, creating blue cloud bands with increasing color intensity.
  • A downtrend is signaled if the EMAs 20, 50, and 100 sequentially cross below the 200 EMA, creating purple cloud bands with increasing color intensity.
Solar Wind - our #1 all-time best-seller indicator, is vital in providing trading signals in this package. Solar Wind offers numerous features that can help you develop multiple trading systems with versatile trading styles. In this package, the “Trend" signals of Solar Wind that agree with the primary trend provided by MA Crossover will be the main trading signals. Therefore, "Trend in Trend" (the minor trend of Solar Wind within the big trend of MA Crossover) is a prominent feature of this package, where the 2 trends of the 2 indicators resemble double powerful dragons winding together and flying with the market price movement. The following conditions determine the order entry positions and stop positions in Double Dragons Trading:
  • A Buy signal is indicated if the Uptrend signal of the Solar Wind indicator appears within the Uptrend phase of MA Crossover.
  • A Sell signal is indicated if the Downtrend signal of the Solar Wind indicator appears within the Downtrend phase identified by MA Crossover.
The stop position is placed at the “Trailing Stop” Plot of the Solar Wind indicator. Say “goodbye” to hit-n-miss and “hello” to high-reward potential. This package is meticulously designed to harness the power of trends, giving you the edge you need to improve your trading. Embrace the Double Dragons Trading Package and let the winds of trend-driven propel you toward a future filled with more rewarding trading experiences.

Software Changelog

  • 19 Jul 2023 - The package was released.


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