Wonderful NinjaTrader Order Flow Indicators

Order flow trading is a special trading technique that had been monopolized by investment banks and hedge funds for decades. Thanks to the inception of modern trading solutions, order flow trading is nowadays available to retail traders as well. If you are looking for a platform that supports order flow trading, then NinjaTrader 8 is one of the best choices due to its advanced technology. Here at ninZa.co we provide thousands of traders worldwide with the best NinjaTrader order flow indicators.

Order flow analysis is the method of examining the flow of trading orders being executed by all traders on a given market. Reading order flow properly helps traders identify the footprints of all market participants: where they buy or sell, how much they buy or sell, and whether buyers or sellers dominate at a price level.

To fulfill traders’ needs for effective and powerful NinjaTrader order flow indicators, we have developed several order flow products that will help you get a unique perspective on buying and selling pressure, leading to higher chances of creating profitable trading strategies.

Our Volume Delta is a simple yet robust order flow indicator for NinjaTrader 8 that charts the volume delta of each bar, where volume delta equals buy volume minus sell volume. It is an important tool that successful traders often use to validate a reliable entry. This NinjaTrader order flow indicator allows you to assign 4 thresholds to identify strong & moderate volume delta. Therefore, it keeps you informed of significant changes in volume delta by printing markers and provoking alerts. For example, you can set them as:

  • Strong positive delta: 150
  • Moderate positive delta: 50
  • Moderate negative delta: -50
  • Strong negative delta: -150

Speaking of Volume Delta, it would be remiss not to mention Cumulative Delta, a powerful order flow indicator in NinjaTrader 8 that plots the accumulation of bar-by-bar volume delta throughout a trading day. This unique indicator combines order flow and price action to detect trend phases, hence facilitating your market reading.

What makes our Volume Delta and Cumulative Delta indicators rated as outstanding NinjaTrader order flow indicators is that they come with the volume filter feature which provides traders with the option to define a preferred range of volume sizes, helping them monitor the footprints of a specific trader group. Here are some sample volume filters that you can set up:

  • Volumes from 1 to 5: Retail traders
  • Volumes from 6 to 19: Big professional traders
  • Volumes from 20 to 999999: Banks & hedge funds

If you would like to read full advanced footprint charts, please check out Order Flow Presentation. This awesome order flow indicator for the NinjaTrader 8 platform will help you discover a new way to think, view and trade the market efficiently. Unlike conventional price charts, the footprint chart diagrammed by Order Flow Presentation sheds light on each price bar by visually showing the market buy and sell volumes at each price level, which is crucial information for scalping and day trading. With a large range of powerful and original features along with an elegant interface, our Order Flow Presentation indicator for the NinjaTrader 8 platform has long been one of our best sellers. The way you approach trading is going to be turned completely on its head using this professional NinjaTrader order flow indicator.

Order flow trading is the top trading method that most successful traders employ today. Mastering this evergreen technique will allow you to enter the market with more precision and confidence.

Best order flow indicators for NinjaTrader 8