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Be$t Alligator

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    Be$t Alligator is an excellent trading system! I finally found something that works by helping take the emotion out of trading. I love it and am very happy with my purchase.
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Special Offer

Upon purchasing this indicator, you will receive 4 FREE sounds that read "sleeping", "awakening", "feasting upstream" and "feasting downstream" in male voices for alerts.


This indicator does NOT perform well on ninZaRenko, UniRenko (and similar renko types).

ninZa.co has the Be$t Alligator on the earth: the NinjaTrader alligator indicator that can help you make money. This is Bill Williams' alligator indicator enhanced by ninZa.co. This spectacular indicator is a complete trading system that identifies all critical phases of the market with a profound metaphor:

  • Alligator sleeping: This means the market is sideways or uncertain. You should stay outside the market.
  • Alligator awakening (without feasting): This means the market has some considerable movements and may prepare for some big trends ahead. You should monitor the market carefully.
  • Alligator feasting: This means the market is trending hard. You should look for only long trades in an uptrend (feasting upstream) or only short trades in a downtrend (feasting downstream).

In reality, the alligator may wake up, then fall asleep, then wake up again... multiple times before feasting. The longer the alligator sleeps, the hungrier it is upon waking - and then it will go feasting more violently. We added a whole lot of graphical enhancements to help you trade the alligator most conveniently. We also added a bunch of parameter options to let you freely configure the alligator your way. Lips, teeth, jaw can be selected as SMMA (Bill Williams' original formula) or any of 10 popular MA types, and they can be further smoothed. A must-consider indicator for trend traders!

In this indicator, ninZaATR is used (instead of regular ATR) for better performance. For your information, ninZaATR is ninZa.co's special ATR version that helps improve indicator performance significantly on intraday charts. It is also a standalone FREE indicator for ninZaFamily → https://ninza.co/product/ninzaatr.

Key features:
  • Plot lips, teeth, jaw
  • Allow configing lips, teeth, jaw separately (each one's MA type can be SMMA or any of )
  • Allow smoothing lips, teeth, jaw (with any of )
  • Allow defining "shift right" of each plot
  • Allow defining "state tolerance"
  • Wake up the alligator immediately on large bar detected
  • Highlight the background to clearly show 4 spans: sleeping, awakening (without feasting), feasting upstream, feasting downstream
  • Paint the cloud between plots in feasting spans
  • Colorize plots in feasting spans, optionally in "violent" periods only (large ATR)
  • Colorize bars based on 2 phases: uptrend, downtrend
  • Trigger alerts on sleeping, awakening, feasting
  • Print markers on feasting
  • Be NinjaScript ready for advanced usage, only restricted by your imagination
  • Expose dedicated NinjaScript signals
Dedicated NinjaScript signals:
  • Signal_State: 0 = sleeping, 1 = awakening
  • Signal_Feasting: 0 = no feasting, 1 = feasting upstream, -1 = feasting downstream


Upon purchasing this indicator, you will receive 4 FREE sounds that read "sleeping", "awakening", "feasting upstream" and "feasting down stream" in male voices for alerts. FYI, these sounds are created with our Alert Sound Maker.

Software Changelog

  • 18 Aug 2020 - Massive changes, fixes, and improvements were made (DPI, display name, Z order, alert properties, marker string, bar painting, chart info, property naming/positioning/grouping); regular ATR was replaced with ninZaATR for better performance; alert popup was visually enhanced; all plot values were rounded to the nearest tick size.
  • 29 Jun 2019 - The indicator was released (built new).


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