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Product Description

Are you facing these common challenges in finding a suitable trading system?

  • You find it challenging to master a system, especially if you're a newbie.
  • You're locked into the trading style predefined by your system.
  • Info overload makes it hard for you to focus on trading decisions.
  • Your system's interface is tricky to grasp and analyze.
  • You can't customize your system to align with your unique trading approach.
  • The hefty price tag is a barrier to acquiring a comprehensive trading system. 

Say hello to Cosmik Z-TP: The answer to your trading woes.

  • Z stands for zillion.
  • TP presents for taking profits.

Inspired by the vast potential of the cosmos, Cosmik Z-TP invites you to explore the universe of trading opportunities with confidence and precision.

With Cosmik Z-TP, you can:

  • Enter trades confidently with highly reliable signals.
  • Pinpoint where to place stops and profit targets with ease.
  • Enjoy high rewards while keeping the risks low in every trade. 
  • Simplify your charts by kicking out 2, 3, or even 10 indicators.
  • Customize the system to your unique trading approach.
  • Get started with trading immediately.
  • Enhance the enjoyment of your daily trading with a user-friendly interface. 
  • Identify the market's direction, spot signal zones, and make timely entry decisions.


  • Versatile trading: Ideal for both trend and reversal trading strategies.
  • Flexible trading style: Suitable for scalping, day trading, and swing trading.
  • Bar type optimization: Works seamlessly on various bar types - Tick, Min, Volume, Renko, etc.
  • Timeframe freedom: Well-suited for trading on any timeframe.

Key features:

  • Dynamic Support/Resistance lines: When the trailing stop goes flat, the system strategically draws horizontal lines, serving as support/resistance levels. These levels suggest optimal places to set stops and targets.
  • Intuitive market insights: The system offers a clear visual representation of 3 key market factors—Trend, Zone, Signal—on the chart. Determining the market trend is simplified: just observe the color of the trailing stop plot, background. For signal zones, look at the area between the trend vector and trailing stop plot.
  • Optimal signal generation: Highly reliable signals are filtered through 5 levels and generated by following the principle “Follow the trend”. This enables you to enter orders promptly without additional analysis.
  • Simplified signal mechanism:
    • During an uptrend, indicated by a green background and blue trailing stop, buy signals emerge within the blue signal zone.
    • During a downtrend, identified by a red background and pink trailing stop, sell signals emerge within the pink signal zone.
  • Advanced signal filter:  You have the flexibility to control the quantity of signals within a trend phase or a range.


No longer will you be shackled by rigid systems. Instead, you will wield the power to enter trades confidently with highly reliable signals, pinpoint optimal stop and profit levels, and simplify your charts for a clearer view. 

Click “Buy Now” to experience the ease and precision of Cosmik Z-TP, the ultimate trading system that puts power back in your hands.

Dedicated NinjaScript signals:
  • Signal_Trend: 2 = uptrend strong, 1 = uptrend weak, -2 = downtrend strong, -1 = downtrend weak
  • Signal_Trade: 1 = bullish, -1 = bearish, 0 = no signal

Software Changelog

  • 08 Dec 2023 - The system was released (built new).

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  1. product_image [System] Cosmik Z-TP $$
    5 5

    Rev^Out Scalping With Supported By Grace, Ignites My Profitable Journey!

    Thank you for your response and support, Grace. I purchased the Rev^Out Scalping indicator earlier this week and have traded with ninZaRenko settings 30/4 and 8/2 with great success, my profits in little over 4 days of using this combination have increased by over 30%! As a new ninZa customer, this is exciting and I very much look forward to my future as a day trader.

  2. product_image [System] Cosmik Z-TP $$
    5 5

    Trading Time For NT8

    I use Trading Time indicator on another platform because it is not available for NinjaTrader 8. Looking forward to being able to add it to my NinjaTrader 8 platform. Thanks ninZa!

  3. product_image [System] Cosmik Z-TP $$
    5 5

    Volume Delta

    Volume Delta is an excellent indicator. It helps me screen out potentially losing scalp trades. It's also very helpful recognizing reversal points and swing points. Highly recommended.

  4. product_image [System] Cosmik Z-TP $$
    5 5

    Hannah and support team has been VERY helpful - I greatly appreciate it

    Hannah and the ninZa.co support team has been VERY helpful in answering several support tickets I’ve submitted, over the past month or so. They have been very patient when answering all my questions and I greatly appreciate it. Thanks, everyone at ninZa.co

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