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Telegram ShareService is the easiest way for you to receive alarms from NinjaTrader on your Telegram on Mobile or Desktop.

The Telegram ShareService for NinjaTrader 8 was developed for several purposes:

  • Receive notifications through the Telegram app on your mobile phone or Telegram Desktop of relevant graphical events from NinjaTrader 8;
  • Share alarms that you have plotted on your NinjaTrader 8 in your Telegram groups with your friends/partners;
  • This ShareService works with NinjaTrader 8 native alarms and is also 100% compatible with our fully customized alarm indicator for NinjaTrader 8;
  • The alarms arrive in the group of Telegram that you define (there can be several), with a screenshot of your graphic where the alarm went off and a text message just below the printscreen;


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