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W-Wave Volume Pro

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    Thank you Grace. I appreciate all you did to explain the indicator's usage as well as making the exchange so easy for my new indicator- W-Wave Volume Pro. I look forward to using it.
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W-Wave Volume Pro is our brand-new volume indicator, specialized for Price Action Traders and all traders who recognize the importance of volume in achieving profitable trades.

Based on trade volume, W-Wave Volume Pro offers clear signals that help identify potential reversal points in the market.

Therefore, W-Wave Volume Pro can assist traders in determining the optimal timing and placement of their buy and sell orders.

In addition to the trend signals displayed via markers directly on the chart, W-Wave Volume Pro offers a unique feature - the accumulation volume histogram. In W-Wave Volume Pro, the blue histograms represent the accumulation of Buy volume during Bullish phases, while the pink histograms indicate the accumulation of Sell volume during Bearish phases.

The Bullish and Bearish Clusters of the accumulation volume histograms in W-Wave Volume Pro serve as a visual tool for traders to observe the buy and sell volume fluctuations. By analyzing these volume clusters, traders can gain insights into the relative strength of Bulls and Bears in the market, thereby understanding the ongoing correlation between the two.

We compare the highest points of successive volume clusters to consider the Bulls/Bears strength correlation on the market:

  • Decrease in Peaks: If the peaks of successive buy (or sell) volume clusters are decreasing in height, the strength of Bulls (or Bears) in the market is weakening.
  • Increase in Peaks: If the peaks of successive buy (or sell) volume clusters are increasing in height, the strength of Bulls (or Bears) in the market is getting stronger.

Observing the increase/decrease in peaks and spike volume clusters, traders will have valuable techniques to identify trend reversal points effectively. Here's a detailed explanation:

  • In an Uptrend: A potential bearish market reversal is suggested when Bulls' strength weakens and Bears' strength increases, along with a spike sell volume cluster in a Bearish phase interrupting the main Uptrend.
  • In a Downtrend: A potential bullish market reversal is suggested when Bears' strength weakens and Bulls' strength increases, accompanied by a spike buy volume cluster in a Bullish phase interrupting the main Downtrend.

In addition, W-Wave Volume Pro can help you to identify reliable support-resistance zones based on spike volume clusters. For a better understanding, please refer to the accompanying photo and the explanation below:

  • If a spike Buy volume cluster and a period of clear and strong upward price movement occur simultaneously, a highly reliable support zone can be frequently found during the same bullish phase.
  • Conversely, if a spike Sell volume cluster and a period of clear and strong downward price movement occur simultaneously, a highly reliable resistance zone can be frequently found during the same bearish phase.
W-Wave Volume Pro - Explanation

The advanced indicator has revealed itself as a highly effective tool for analyzing Price Action and deciding reversal points. In essence, W-Wave Volume Pro is exactly what you require to monitor volumes and elevate your confidence in executing trading orders.

Dedicated NinjaScript signals:

  • Signal_Trend: 1 = uptrend, -1 = downtrend, 0 = no trend

Software Changelog

  • 28 Jun 2023 - The indicator was released (built new).


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