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[Sister Brand] Fleet Barracuda Scalping

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    ninZa.co indicators for NinjaTrader 8 is a company set apart from many indicator companies I have purchased from over the years. ninza.co indicators are well thought out and fully customizable, and function as advertised. However what sets ninZa.co way above all other indicator companies I have dealt with in the past is ninZa.co’s customer support. Especially agent Robin, who every time goes above and beyond with speed, knowledge and professionalism to handle the inquire to the best possible conclusion. Discounts on new indicators, exchanging ones that didn’t quite fit my system, or just technical support info on use; Robin it very fast and thorough while maintaining a happy to help attitude. Highly recommend this company!
    Thank you Robin
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Fleet Barracuda Scalping is a comprehensive package designed to elevate your scalping strategy through the power of trend analysis.

Drawing inspiration from the Barracuda's hunting prowess, this package can optimize your scalping trades by seamlessly combining high reliability, speed, and the ability to capture substantial rewards.

Key Benefits

Simplified Scalping Method with High Effectiveness: Fleet Barracuda Scalping offers a straightforward yet highly effective approach to scalping.

"Follow the Trend" Scalping System: By adhering to the time-tested principle of "Follow the Trend," this package empowers traders to enhance their rewards, capitalizing on the prevailing market direction.

Clear and Effective Checklist for Quick Start: Fleet Barracuda Scalping provides traders with a user-friendly checklist, streamlining the process of identifying optimal entry for their trades.

Robust Stop-Loss Mechanism: This package incorporates a clear stop-loss strategy, safeguarding your capital and preventing significant losses.

Core Indicators

  • Solar Wind RK
  • Fibar Scalping
  • KingRenko$ bar

You can see more details on how these 3 indicators work seamlessly as a trading system with the trio of factors Trend - Zone - Signal at: https://renkokings.com/product/fleet-barracuda-scalping

Fleet Barracuda Scalping sets a high standard in identifying high-reward entry points.

Through its "Follow the Trend" principle and seamless integration of critical elements, this package empowers traders to excel in the fast-paced world of scalping.

Don't wait any longer. Secure Fleet Barracuda Scalping and supercharge your scalping trades.


  • 12 Sep 2023 - The indicator was released (built new).

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