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[Sister Brand] Sabertooth Tiger Trading

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Discover the power of Sabertooth Tiger Trading, a dynamic strategy combining Solar Wind RK and Sumo Pullback$ to elevate your trading success.

Here's how it works:

  • Market Trends with Solar Wind RK: Solar Wind RK helps you identify market trends with its trailing stop plot and trend signals, optimized for Renko charts.
  • Entry Points with Sumo Pullback$: Sumo Pullback$ doesn't merely present pullback signals; it delivers the most powerful ones.
  • Additional Entry Points: Look for reversal candles that intersect both the baseline of Sumo Pullback$ and the trend vector of Solar Wind RK for extra entry opportunities.
  • Precision with KingRenko$: KingRenko$ provides reversal bars for additional signals and allows for precise order execution at actual market prices.
  • Strategic Stops with Trailing Stop: Use the trailing stop of Solar Wind RK, and when it enters the cloud formed by Sumo Pullback$, adjust your Stop levels to capitalize on strong market momentum.

Embrace Sabertooth Tiger Trading, a comprehensive strategy designed for your success, combining the precision of Solar Wind RK and the strength of Sumo Pullback$.

To learn more information, pay us a visit at: https://renkokings.com/product/sabertooth-tiger-trading Start your journey to trading excellence today!


  • 06 Feb 2023 - The indicator was released (built new).

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