Indicator Templates


This is a very easy process, please follow the steps below:

1. You will need to download a .zip file that contains indicator templates, such as
2. Right click the file and select Extract All…
3. A dialog will appear, click Browse…
4. Select Documents on the left sidebar in the new dialog, then go inside NinjaTrader 8 > templates > Indicator and click Select Folder
5. Click Extract. After extraction, the installation step is finished.


Once the template files and indicators are installed correctly, you can right click your chart, select Indicators (Ctrl + I). In the indicator settings window, please select the indicator you would like to apply a template to (e.g. Solar Wind), then click the template button at the bottom-right corner of the window, then select load. Please select the template you wish in the opening dialog, then click “Load” to finish.

If you do not see any templates there, please make sure the files are located in the folder mentioned above.

If you only see 1 file, you probably have not extracted the zip file. Please extract the zip file first, then you will see a few .xml files that start with the “ninZa” prefix.