We're excited to introduce Lightning Leopard Trading - your ultimate kickstart package for a fantastic trading journey. Packed with our best-selling products, it's the perfect way to supercharge your experience.



What key advantages might you be on the brink of missing out on in this incredible Reversal Trading Package?


Experience highly reliable Reversal signals through Multi-Osc OB/OS Overlap. This indicator combines the overbought/oversold areas of 3 popular oscillators—MFI, RSI, and Stochastic—to provide signals that appear at Reversal bars right after the overlapped overbought/oversold area. It is a reliability booster for your reversal signals, ensuring they are exceptionally dependable.


Say goodbye to the exhaustion of keeping an eye on Reversal bars when the overbought/oversold areas kick in, all thanks to EOB Ordering. Moreover, this nifty add-on executes your orders in mere milliseconds, making your trades lightning-quick and ultra-efficient, way beyond what any human can achieve. Multi-Osc OB/OS Overlap produces signals most efficiently on the Renko bar.



But why did we choose KingRenko$? Because this backtestable Renko bar allows your trades to be executed at the ACTUAL open price. This feature addresses a weakness in the popular ninZaRenko bar, which uses an 'artificial' open to maintain a consistent brick size for both upward and downward candles.


But look out for these cool signal identification features that make it a breeze to spot entry signals. They include signal-selecting areas and entry signals.


The signal-selecting area is located just after the overlapped overbought/oversold area.


Why is it located there?


Well, because signals that pop up right after the overlap area tend to be more reliable than those inside it. You can customize the signal selecting area by tweaking the Safe Reversal Period feature to your liking.


Entry signals will appear at Reversal bars within the signal-selecting area. But during market phases with STRONG inertia, the signal-selecting area usually won't display any reversal bars, which means the indicator WON'T produce any signals during this stage. However, this is actually a great feature because it can help you stay away from trading during highly volatile periods, potentially avoiding stop-loss orders.


Check out more amazing videos of how Multi-Osc OB/OS Overlap works: