We have received so many questions on Support/Resistance Radar, along with plenty of copies steadily sold day in, and day out since the release.


The most common questions are: what is it, how does it help...?


Let us answer these questions.


1/ What is Support/Resistance Radar


Support/Resistance Radar is a 2-in-1 super S/R tool that you will see nowhere else in the trading world. It plots a support/resistance profile and automatically draws meaningful S/R zones on your chart.


You don’t hear it wrong! It’s a PROFILE of support/resistance. You have heard a lot about market profile, volume profile, TPO profile… but have you ever heard someone mention “S/R profile”?


Being the first vendor to pioneer in creating profiles of support/resistance, we encountered so many challenges that it took us 2 years to finish the development.


  - S/R profile: The indicator recognizes swing points (using Divergence Engine$ & Divergence Hidden$ algorithm), then measures the strength of each swing point based on our propriety formula. If the strength of a swing meets the user-defined threshold, the swing strength will be added to the profile at the price of the swing, 100% similar to how a volume profile is calculated. Therefore, looking at an S/R profile, you will know where the market has the most S/R levels & their strengths at these levels.


  - S/R drawing: Support/Resistance Radar automatically identifies local peaks of an S/R profile, which are similar to the High-Volume Node of a volume profile. Then, the indicator will draw a horizontal zone at each local peak to highlight the price region where the market is most likely to reverse/retrace. S/R zones are drawn with opacity values proportional to their swing strengths in the profile. Therefore, S/R levels marked by brighter zones are more powerful than ones marked by dimmer zones. So easy to recognize, right?


2/ How does Support/Resistance Radar help?


Now after understanding what Support/Resistance Radar is, we think you have had the answer to “How does Support/Resistance Radar help?”.


It is actually a radar that automatically scans and detects all the major S/R zones on charts for you. Therefore, you can make better decisions on where to place an entry or exit, where to take profits or stop losses…


You can imagine what happens if sailing a boat at night or in misty weather without a radar. How can you detect reefs or dangerous objects to avoid deadly collisions?


Don’t let it be the case in your trading! You may often buy at tops and sell at bottoms, which are frequently located at S/R zones. Now with the help of Support/Resistance Radar, you can avoid such trades.


In summary, Support/Resistance Radar is the radar you need when sailing your trading boat every day in the fierce seas of financial markets.