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Availability for:

  • NinjaTrader 7 platform: AVAILABLE NOW
  • NinjaTrader 8 platform: COMING SOON (FREE upgrade if you purchase the NT7 version now)


Do you want a professional NinjaTrader single-click order entry tool? A fantastic NinjaTrader one click trading addon is the dream of all traders. Innovative Ordering gives you a marvelous solution to place orders: ALL via chart clicking !!!

The tool supports 2 modules, which can be enabled or disabled independently: market-order module and pending-order module.
As for pending orders, Innovative Ordering also supports stop limit orders with a predefined offset. Just enable this feature if you prefer stop limit orders to stop orders.

This tool is the best choice for:

  • Traders who want to place pending orders (buy stop, buy limit, sell stop, sell limit) with just a single click
  • Traders who want 2 big buy, sell buttons to place market orders as quickly and accurately as possible (in the fast-paced market, it’s important to react at the lightning speed)
  • Traders who are not actually computer-fast and find it rather challenging to move the mouse to the small standard buy, sell buttons in Chart Trader
  • Traders who don’t have a very excellent vision (commonly seen at ages from 50)
  • Traders who are simply interested in the innovative features of this tool

The market-order module is presented as an order board (changeable height) that can be positioned at the top or bottom of your chart. The order board consists of 2 super big buy-market and sell-market buttons and a “Close” button in the middle. You can have information of trading quantity and ATM template included in the button labels so that you rest assured about these things. By default, market orders are triggered with a DOUBLE CLICK for safety, but you may change this option to a single click per your preference. You can also enable “Auto Confirm Market Orders” to bypass the confirmation dialog and therefore improve the ordering speed.

The pending-order module consists of 2 columns (changeable width) located at the right side of your chart: the left column takes care of buy pending (stop, limit, stop limit), while the right column takes care of sell pending (stop, limit, stop limit). Hover the mouse on the suitable column depending on whether you want to buy or sell, move the mouse upward or downward to your desired price, then left click and you are done. Very quick and convenient! While you are hovering the mouse on a column, the context price tells you the price at that level, and the context line helps you see the price level in comparison with past price action.

All button background, opacity, text color, text font size… are fully customizable.

Innovative Ordering is an extension to Chart Trader. So, you must open Chart Trader to use it (you can minimize Chart Trader to save space for your chart). Trading quantity and ATM template are selected from Chart Trader.






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FREE support for life! Feel free to ask us anything, anytime.
In NinjaTrader 8 platform, you even have access to our PRIORITY SUPPORT directly from chart.
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All upgrades for NinjaTrader 7 and NinjaTrader 8 are FREE to request.
A one-time low fee may be required for an upgrade from NinjaTrader 7 to NinjaTrader 8.
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