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Our Pricing

Not Expensive

Our indicators come with an affordable price, and they just require a one-time payment for a lifetime license.
The following table shows you an interesting fact.

Indicator Price Comparison

Upfront Payment$200-$500
on average
on average
Monthly Fee$50/month
Discount on Multiple-Computer Licenseno or little
(if available, just up to 3 computers)
70% OFF
(up to 5 computers)
Discount on Combo Purchaseno or littleHUGE
(for $975, you can buy only 2-3 indicators at other vendors, but you will get EVERYTHING at
It doesn’t necessarily cost a fortune to get quality indicators. is such a place!

Not Cheap

Our indicators are affordable for most traders, but they are not cheap.
In fact, they are no longer cheap! Let’s tell a story.

Smart Ruler is one of our very first releases.

  • The price was initially $25, it just got a few sales.
  • The price was raised to $50, it then started selling.
  • The price was further raised to $75 (its current price), it has become one of our best sellers so far.

Smart Ruler is still Smart Ruler with its powerful functionality that makes it the #1 ruler for NinjaTrader!
Why didn’t people get it at $25? Because they were afraid: cheap = low quality.
That’s why we later believe that:

The prices of our indicators should fairly reflect their quality & importance.

Many traders hesitate to pay $100 for a good indicator that will be their loyal friend forever.
However, they may easily spend:

  • Thousands of dollars on *killing* trading systems or signal services, which finally wipe out their accounts.
  • Thousands of dollars on *attractive* trading courses or mentoring services, which later prove unnecessary or even useless.
  • Thousands of dollars on *awesome* indicators, which actually have nothing special or even perform poorly.

Now it’s your choice!

Indicators are trading weapons, not toys.

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