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[Free] Bar Status

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Product Description


Availability for:

  • NinjaTrader 7 platform: AVAILABLE NOW
  • NinjaTrader 8 platform: AVAILABLE NOW


Bar Status is an advanced utility that helps you know whether a bar is going to end, how much has elapsed, how much is remaining.

The NT8 version exposes upper bound & lower bound of price-based bars as plots, which you can use to create alerts or attach orders (e.g. trailing stops, targets, or entries). To your expectation, it is perfectly compatible with our ninZaRenko, a phenomenal & FREE bar type for NinjaTrader 8 platform.

Bar Status has an awesome “interactive click” feature. You can quickly switch between count modes or rotate components by clicking appropriate places on the graphics. The picture below explains this.


Key features:

  • Graphically display bar status for second & minute bars
  • Graphically display bar status for tick & volume bars
  • Graphically display bar status for NinjaTrader’s built-in range & renko bars
  • Graphically display bar status for ninZaRenko bars NT8 only
  • Support 2 count modes: count up & count down
  • Draw upper bound & lower bound of price-based bars (range, renko, ninZaRenko) NT8 only
  • Allow switching count modes & rotating components quickly with interactive chart click
  • Be NinjaScipt ready for advanced usage, only restricted by your imagination NT8 only

NinjaScript readiness:

  • Can be used in Market Analyzer
  • Can be used in Strategy Builder
  • Can be used in BloodHound
  • Can be used in 3rd-party indicators, strategies, products
  • Professional & clean signature for easy calling


  • Instruments: CFDs, forex, futures, indices, options, stocks
  • Interval types: second, minute, tick, volume, range, renko, ninZaRenko
  • Chart styles: whatever


  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Fully configurable & customizable with ease







Please read Installation Guide for details.


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