Awesome NinjaTrader Volume Profile & Value Area Indicators

See market dynamics with our NinjaTrader volume profile & value area indicators

Are you searching around for the best volume profile indicator or the best value area indicator for NinjaTrader 8 ??? Look no further, provides you with the greatest ones below.

NinjaTrader volume profile is an advanced technical analysis indicator that combines price, volume, and timeframe information to create a unique diagram that shows the accumulated volumes traded at specified price levels over a specified time period.

Each volume profile has a value area that contains 70% of the profile's total volume. A value area is identified around a volume profile's Point Of Control (POC) and is generally considered a zone of fair value.

As you monitor volume profiles and value areas in the NinjaTrader platform progress during a trading day, you will get a better sense of which prices traders lean toward and which ones they don’t find attractive.

Our volume profile and value area indicators consist of 4 important levels:
  • POC: Point of Control, which is the row in the profile with the highest volume.
  • VAH: Value Area High, which is the upper bound of the value area.
  • VAL: Value Area Low, which is the lower bound of the value area.
  • VWAP: Volume-Weighted Average Price, which is the average price of an instrument in a given volume profile, weighted by volume. supplies several versions of profile and value area indicators for NinjaTrader 8, depending on the period of time that traders want to profile:
  • Market Profile (Daily) is a NinjaTrader 8 volume profile & value area indicator that displays volume profiles by date, that is one profile per trading day.
  • Market Profile (Composite) shows a volume profile spreading over a lookback period that traders specify (e.g. 10 days or 1000 bars). Simple yet effective!
  • Market Profile (Flexible) is a really special value area indicator for NinjaTrader 8 that displays a volume profile for a custom range manually drawn by traders using the "Region Highlight X" drawing tool.
Apart from charting volume profiles, our profile indicators also come with TPO profiles. This type of profile is based on TPO distribution by price, where TPO stands for “Time Price Opportunity”. In our version, we only track the number of price hits while ignoring the chronological order of hits for maximal simplification.

NinjaTrader volume profile is definitely one of the most powerful methods of chart analysis. The invaluable data provided by volume profiles in general and value areas in particular are critically important to traders of all styles, helping you get full market insights, gain an edge on the financial markets and optimize your trading strategies.

Here are's volume profile & value area indicators for NinjaTrader 8