Best ATR Trailing Stop Indicators for NinjaTrader 8

Trailing stops in NinjaTrader 8 have always been favored by successful NinjaTrader users compared to a fixed stop order. A trailing stop helps you calmly follow the market to take the most profit out of a lasting trend. Therefore, great NinjaTrader trailing stop indicators are always big tools for traders to maximize profit potential. An important note is that our NinjaTrader ATR trailing stop indicators uses a unique ATR version developed by ourselves: ninZaATR, which significantly improves the performance of any indicators using it.

T-Stop is a pure trailing stop indicator that utilizes a user-defined ninZaATR offset from price action. The trailing stop line plotted by T-Stop will keep following the market as it is trending. Therefore, by attaching your stop to T-Stop plot, you can avoid the hassle of having to manually re-adjust your fixed stop-loss order again and again. This useful NinjaTrader ATR trailing stop indicator also helps you psychologically cope with harmful emotions caused by market volatility, holding you firmly in the trend as long as it continues.

Unlike T-Stop which is based on price action, SuperTrend Pro relies on moving averages to calculate its trailing stop plot. What makes this NinjaTrader ATR trailing stop indicator special is that it provides you with [xyz-ihs snippet="ma-type"] to choose from for the calculation of reference prices. And more wonderfully, you can configure the moving average types as well as price inputs for uptrend & downtrend separately. SuperTrend Pro is a great assistant for you to keep following the market for the most profits as long as the market still trends in your favor.

If you are looking for a comprehensive trend solution rather than just a NinjaTrader 8 trailing stop-loss indicator, then Solar Wind is hands-down the best choice. Apart from plotting trailing stops, this trend indicator offers other valuable features, such as the Trend Vector plot to monitor trend strength, or pullback & strengthening signals. This #1 BEST SELLER trend indicator for NinjaTrader 8 will play an essential role in helping you build a successful trend-following strategy.

Trailing stop indicators have been used by professional traders as a great risk-management method to maximize profits, as well as reduce the risk of turning from unrealized profits to realized losses. We believe that our NinjaTrader 8 trailing stop-loss indicators will be an essential part of your exit strategies.