Just a quick question: how much do you know about Order Flow? We are aware of some famous traders who've made a HUGE fortune with it, and we are curious if you're familiar with them.


Jim Dalton is the author of "Mind Over Markets" and "Markets in Profile". His trading approach is focused on interpreting market participant behavior to gain a trading advantage.


Steve Cohen is a billionaire who founded Point72 Asset Management and is known for his impressive trading chops. One of his secret weapons? His use of order flow and market techniques.


Peterffy Thomas founded Interactive Brokers and built it into one of the biggest brokerage firms on the planet - thanks to his savvy use of order flow.

So, what's Order Flow???


Order Flow is a special trading technique that investment banks and hedge funds have used for years. By looking at the flow of trading orders, traders can determine where people are buying and selling, and who's in control of the market.


We've got some cool order flow indicators that'll give you a fresh take on buying and selling pressure. Why not take a quick moment to check them out?


FOBE Order Flow Trading is a trading tool that helps you open/close positions as well as submit/change/cancel orders quickly and easily.


✅ Its specially invented ladder columns offer a unique perspective on market behavior by providing detailed order flow information.

✅ If you're a scalper or day trader, this software is a must-have for gaining deep insights into market movements and optimizing your trades.


Order Flow Presentation gives you a footprint chart with an intuitive and elegant interface.


✅ The indicator gives you a wealth of market information, including price data, buy/sell volumes, and order flow details within each candle.

✅ It comes packed with a wide range of innovative and powerful features, providing you with a high level of flexibility to customize it to your liking.


Volume Delta plots the volume delta of each bar, which is the difference between the total buy volume & the total sell volume of a bar.


✅ It allows you to filter volumes by specifying a preferred range of volume sizes, helping you identify the buying and selling behavior of different groups of traders.

✅ In NinjaTrader 8, the indicator can function on both historical & real-time data in BidAskPrice_RealVolume mode.


Cumulative Delta keeps track of the accumulation of bar-by-bar volume delta throughout the day. It will reset to count from zero for each day.


✅ The indicator decides market trends based on the analyses of the cumulative delta, moving median of the cumulative delta, and price action.

✅ With the help of this indicator, you can easily track the behavior and footprints of a specific group of traders by filtering volumes with a preferred range of volume sizes.