We are sure you're aware of how oscillators work, providing signals when the price hits the overbought or oversold area.


But did you know that to make reversal signals using oscillators MORE reliable, it's a smart move to place an entry order right after the overbought/oversold zone comes to an end?


And you know what's even better? We've got a killer TIP for you that will even further enhance the reliability of those reversal signals generated by oscillators. Let's discover it together!

Consider Multi-Osc OB/OS Overlap as a real-life example to better understand the concept.


We let the indicator do its thing and generate signals at those perfect Reversal bars that pop up right after the overlapped overbought/oversold area. By doing so, we supercharge the reliability of the indicator's reversal signals.


Here's the key point: among the indicator's signals, if you're looking to make an incredibly robust trading decision, keep an eye out for the Reversal bar that emerges immediately after the extreme overbought/oversold zone.


You might be wondering: we've got the overbought/oversold zone, but what exactly is the deal with the EXTREME overbought/oversold zone?


In our own terms, we define the extreme overbought/oversold zone as the space situated above/below the regular overbought/oversold zone. This is where things get intense because the price stubbornly keeps moving in the same direction, surpassing the boundaries of the overbought/oversold region.

Picking out the Reversal bar within the EXTREME overbought/oversold zone will massively ramp up the reliability of signals. Why? Because the buying/selling momentum is bound to weaken. This becomes the golden opportunity for you to search for reversal signals.


You can now acquire those super reliable signals we talked about earlier, all at the real price of Renko candles. Our Lightning Leopard Trading package ensures that everything is executed automatically, and lightning-fast.