Sumo Pullback$ is a pullback indicator for NinjaTrader developed with a unique proprietary algorithm, dedicated to ninZaRenko and KingRenko$ charts. This fantastic indicator generates very reliable and accurate signals in a trending market, giving you higher chances to make profitable trades.


Let’s look at the clouds of Sumo Pullback$: they move flexibly in the direction of market trends and adapt perfectly to price movements.

These wonderful clouds bring you a comfortable view of market conditions. So easy on the eyes! Therefore, Sumo Pullback$ provides you with more “feel good” comfort and less stress in trading.

Please be aware that the pullback signals provided by this grand indicator are NOT normal pullbacks. They are the STRONGEST pullbacks that have the biggest potential for an explosive move. The potential energy of these pullbacks resembles the huge strength of a Sumo warrior, hence the name.


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