We wanted to have a quick chat with you about something really cool – Fibar Scalping.


....It's our NEW indicator tailored just for you avid scalpers. 


Let's uncover what makes it stand out from the crowd! 

As traders, we look at Fibonacci retracement levels to predict whether the market might resume its previous rise or fall.



However, rather than relying on price movements over a certain period, we took the concept a step further.


We applied the entire Fibonacci Retracement principle to ONLY 2 Renko bars, making Fibar Scalping an excellent fit for scalping.



The First Reversal bar acts as a newly established trend phase.


The Second bar mimics a short-term retracement of prices on a larger scale before resuming the main trend. 


Why did I choose the word "mimic"? 


Well, it's because a reversal signal emerges when the retracement of the Second bar hits certain Fibonacci retracement levels and then returns to the same direction as its preceding bar.


So, what's your take on Fibar Scalping?... Does it seem like the innovative scalping indicator you've been seeking?


And don't miss out our videos of Fibar Scalping right below: