You use & love our Support/Resistance Radar indicator?

You use & love our Solar Wind indicator?

You use & love our EOB Ordering tool?

You use & love any of our commercial indicators?

Why don't share your voice and get a paid indicator of your choice, for FREE?
It's easy. You are just 5 minutes away...

You just need to...

Record a short video of your chart screen with the following criteria:

  • You should speak English.
  • The video is at least 5 minutes long and recorded in the Full HD quality (1080p).
  • You should NOT include any music in the video, in order to avoid copyright issues with YouTube (even if it's just played somewhere in the deep or far background).

In the video, you will show your chart with's product and explain how's product is useful, how it helps you make money, how it facilitates your trading

You should significantly interact with the product on the chart and demonstrate the product's great signals or great features that benefit your trading, which should occupy at least 70% of the video duration. Here are some examples:

  • With a tool or addon like EOB Ordering: You should present how it facilitates your order execution (you can use a Sim account).
  • With a signal indicator like Solar Wind: You should explain why the indicator is useful. For example, you show where it produces great pullback signals, or how the uptrend/downtrend background highlight helps you filter out invalid signals from other indicators...

Then you'll get...

Reviewing a commercial product of ours, you'll get a FREE lifetime license of any indicator in our store that is up to $200, or a $200 discount to purchase any indicator that is above $200.

Other Requirements

  • Upon submitting a video to us, you agree to grant us the full ownership of the video and the full right to use the video in our promotions and marketing activities.
  • If you have a YouTube channel, you should post the video on your channel.
  • If you have Facebook and/or Twitter profiles, you should create a post/tweet on your Facebook and/or Twitter pages with the link to your YouTube video.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our ninZaRecording program.