Ever wondered about using a support and resistance indicator to make sense of price movements? Well, this blog is here to walk you through it. 

We've got some cool support and resistance indicators lined up from our collection of 150+ NinjaTrader 8 indicators. Let's dive in and make your trading a bit smoother, shall we?

What are support and resistance levels?

Support is a price level where lots of folks are keen to buy, putting the brakes on the price from dropping any lower. When prices approach this level, they often stop falling or even bounce back up. It's a handy zone for identifying good times to consider placing a buy order and capitalizing on an uptrend. 

Resistance is a price level where lots of folks are keen to sell, slowing down the price from going up any further. When prices reach this point, they often take a break or even head in the opposite direction. This zone is handy for figuring out the right moments to consider sell orders and benefit from a downtrend.

Our top 4 picks for support and resistance indicators/systems.

Support/Resistance Radar

Support/Resistance Radar excels at spotting support/resistance zones where it rests, bounces, or reverses. Using the swing point as its secret sauce, it helps you pinpoint crucial market moments.

Wondered how the indicator catch a swing high at its peak? Well, the magic lies in patiently watching the market for a few extra bars after the price stops going up.

Now, let's see how it works. The indicator identifies and groups standout swing points, creating your Support/Resistance zones. Depending on your preference, you can choose how these zones are displayed:

-    SwingStrength, showing you how far the price bounces off from the swing price.
-    SwingCount, where the number of points within a zone represents its value.

And here's the cool part—these zones stack up, forming a kind of visual map of market dynamics, just for you. When you use the Support/Resistance Radar on your chart, it's like your personal radar, guiding you to the perfect Support/Resistance zones for your trades and alerting you to tricky market movements.

Solar Wind

Explore a fresh perspective on support and resistance zones with Solar Wind. Delve into the space between its Trend Vector and Trailing Stop—your personalized support/resistance zone. 

This innovative tool makes spotting reversal points a breeze, simplifying the identification of key support and resistance levels. Just take a glance at the chart, and you'll notice how closely the Trend Vector and Trailing Stop align with price movements. 

When the price enters this dynamic zone, it often bounces back, signaling potential reversal. Beyond this zone? Brace yourself for a change in market direction.

ZoneGPT * From The Future

Escape the limitations of traditional support/resistance indicators with ZoneGPT * From The Future. Unlike conventional indicators that react to the market, our revolutionary ZoneGPT * From The Future anticipates price movements through “Future Signal Zone”.


Led by the unique Center Torch, these zones are crafted independent of current price actions. No more waiting around – you can now proactively predict potential price destinations and promptly seize trading opportunities. Thanks to our cutting-edge algorithm, the system accurately foretells future-oriented support/resistance zones. 

What's more, these groundbreaking zones factor in the current trend, ensuring highly reliable entry signals that align seamlessly with the present market dynamics.

King Kong Trading RK

If you're on the lookout for a comprehensive trading solution that delivers three key factors – trends, zones, and entry signals – going beyond the typical support/resistance indicators, then the King Kong Trading RK package is your ideal choice. 

With Solar Wind RK effortlessly identifying trends and support/resistance zones, this trading system is well-suited for traders at any level. It doesn't just provide indicators and tools; it equips you with a trading method, allowing you to start trading immediately without the hassle of figuring out complex strategies. 

Click here to explore the details of how this trading system can work for you.