After being listed for sale, Renko In Renko has garnered considerable attention from thousands of traders in's community who follow the Renko trading style.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, 'How to trade with Renko In Renko?


In this blog, we will share with you how to trade with Renko in Renko using FAKE reversal breakouts.

We hope that the following instruction video will be a present to you, with the only purpose: effective trading with Renko In Renko!


So, how can you filter out noises, see the trends clearly, and avoid unreliable signals in Renko In Renko? Here are our step-by-step instructions:


     ✔ Step 1: Identifying the price channel by two trend lines, the upper line and lower line, which connect all the tops and bottoms.

     Step 2: Recognizing the reversal breakout of the price channel.

      Step 3: Waiting for the Renko in Renko signal that confirms the resumption of the previous trend and placing an entry based on this reliable signal.


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