Author: NFech from Germany

Product(s): Divergence Engine$ + EOB Ordering

I'm trading since late 2017. I started my first steps back then trading crypto. However, I had no clue what I was doing. It was only since 1.5 years ago when I saw NinjaTrader 8 for the first time. Copped it, started to get into Trading ES and NQ minis and got rekt, again - even more since NQ is super violent. I blew every cent I put to no matter what account was. At this point I want to say: don't do it like me, don't go live when you don’t know sh!t. It will save you money, headaches, and depression. I’m a bad example on this one:)

But if you ask what's the secret to become a profitable prop trader with almost a million dollar $$$ in funded money plus running own accounts, I’d say: the will to survive no matter what pain the market throws at you. I threw the money back until I learned how to keep my emotions in check; really that was when it went from roller coaster to more solid results. My success and freedom as a prop trader afford me to have a wonderful life the way I love: living across the world like a nomad.

And now I’m writing here in's blog because I wanted to share some information on the indicators I bought here and use for my intraday scalping.

First of all, I love love love Divergence Engine$. To be fair, it prints the signal on the 3rd candle after a divergence signal is being made, not on the first. It’s not repainting live - which is a good and a bad thing depending on your style. For me, it’s absolutely fine because I use Divergence Engine$ only to look for Higher Lows or Lower Highs after they appeared. Also, you can add Divergence Engine$ to your main chart from indicators that you don’t even show in your panels. For example, I have a custom version of Stochs and RSI with Divergence Engine$ on my panels. On my chart, I show Delta and Vol div (no panels). To me, Divergence Engine$ is one of the most useful indicators out there.

Then I also HAVE TO SAY something about EOB Ordering. When I got it first it didn’t do what I needed it to. It would only focus on the current bar with the actions it could execute. But my style of trading includes the necessity of a candle closing above or below the previous candle's body, which really makes all the difference to me. So I talked to Larry and his team here on and explained why it would be awesome to have the option to compare the focused candle to the previous candle's range and that I wouldn’t be able to use it at all if this function won’t be given. IT DIDN'T EVEN TAKE A FULL WEEK and they send me an updated file to test drive with the newly implemented function!!! I only use the Buy Up & Sell Down functions as buttons on chart, with every other option hidden. But you can play with it yourself and see how useful it can be.

Now this is customer care!! I can say straight up that is not only a great place to find indicators for your edge in NinjaTrader, but also a place with the outstanding customer experience and a very friendly team behind it.

If you buy a bunch of indicators at the same time and go hard on your wallet they also always offer some discount if you ask friendly and buy enough :-)