Author: John Santos @

Product(s): ninZaRenko

I have spent many months comparing the performance of the ninZaRenko with renko versions from other sources. There’s a strong preference for the ninZaRenko bar not only by me but also by MOST other traders. I know this by looking at their charts posted on the Discord app. Among my customers there’s a solid preference for ninZaRenko by 9 out of 10 traders. Not only ninZaRenko is free, it also has delivered live trading performance that justifies their preference.

My replays of automated strategies with ninZaRenko 60/18 for NQ and 16/9 for the ES indicate a robust benefit of using ninZaRenko. I compared the NQ results using another renko brand that costs $195 per license. In most tests ninZaRenko ended up ahead on comparison of an entire quarter, and up to one year of replayed results. Today, I’m including a short video example in the context of a NinjaTrader market replay that is being used as an example for the giveaway contest of a $25K prop firm account by Earn2Trade. The Gauntlet Mini has specific requirements that very few automated trading systems can meet. You can find out all the details in this PDF:

There’s a concern about backtesting accuracy with renkos in general. Recently, I did a webinar on this topic for NinjaTrader Ecosystem. To improve accuracy, it’s important that system developers set the strategy trade entry logic to the close of the bar in which the signal is generated instead of the price at the open of next bar.

Most importantly, with the Giveaway of Prop Firm Account Contests that I’ll be sponsoring throughout 2022, we should see many automated systems taking up the challenge using ninZaRenko. Again, not only it’s free, it also performs well under challenging market conditions. That’s a big Thank-You to making this useful renko bar available to thousands of traders worldwide.

As shown in the linked PDF, we’ll start with a basic account of $25K and evolve from there to larger trading accounts month after month. This plan is aligned with the recent launch of the Trader Career Path by Earn2Trade. You can verify on this video that the 100% automated strategy PANC V3 using ninZaRenko 60/18 on the NQ is perfectly aligned with the requirements of the $25K account.