Trend-following strategies rank as the preferred choice among traders. By employing this approach, traders aim to profit from the continuation of established trends rather than attempting to predict market reversals.


In this blog, we are introducing you to a trend-following strategy that combines two robust trend indicators: MA Crossover and Solar Wind, known as Double Dragons Trading.

 MA Crossover: Riding the Trends with Overlapping Cloud Bands

We've combined not 1, not 2.... but 3 MA Crossover indicators to give you a rock-solid trend detector.


              EMA 20 with EMA 200
             EMA 50 with EMA 200
             EMA 100 with EMA 200


The Cloud Bands of MA Crossover keep you away from market noise during trend phases. You'll be pleased to know that this combination even outperforms Solar Wind, our renowned trend indicator.

 Trend following strategy for Renko chart


If you are seeking a trend-following strategy tailored for Renko charts, explore the system's variation: Double Dragons Trading RK.


With Solar Wind RK, a renko-optimized version of the Solar Wind indicator, Double Dragons Trading RK is ideal for enthusiasts of renko bars who aim to capitalize on market trends.

 Get creative with Double Dragon Trading


Are you intrigued by additional indicators used in the creative approach?


Check this video out to see how you can integrate Intraday VWAP Pro and VoluCandlez into the system.