Free NinjaTrader Strategies: A Comprehensive Guide

What are free NinjaTrader strategies?

Free NinjaTrader strategies provide traders with a unique opportunity to develop automated trading systems without incurring any costs. These strategies empower traders to optimize their trading approaches and seize more opportunities in the market.

How to build free NinjaTrader strategies?

If you're ready to leverage various indicators such as: Trendline Autom@ton,  Solar Wind, etc... and trading systems such as: [System] ThunderZilla, [Package] Agile Piranha Scalping, RK-Sys Platinum v4, etc... to craft NT8 strategies, offers a free tutorial to guide you through the process. Here's a breakdown of the resources available: 

Tutorial Videos:

  • Video 1: Set up your strategy with Solar Wind indicator (and others) to optimize & auto-trade!
  • Video 2: [NinjaTrader 8] Double Dragons Trading package: Strategy building & optimizing

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Strategy Builder Overview, covering Builder Screens, Condition Builder, and Strategy Actions.
  • Utilize the Condition Builder to craft robust trading conditions.