We’ve heard that word of mouth is one of the main ways through which people know ninZa.co. Therefore, we came up with a solution to give special gifts to the ninZaFamily members who bring us new customers. Yes, we love you and your referrals mean the world to us!

Let's introduce the "ninZaReferral" program and how BOTH you & your friends will benefit from it.

Program Overview

When a friend you refer makes the 1st purchase at ninZa.co, you’ll get an AMAZING gift as described in the table below. Please note that this only applies if you refer NEW customers (who are NOT already in our database).

Being referred by you, your friend will also get a special welcome discount of 35% OFF on their 1st order. Please make sure your friend knows this benefit of a referred customer.

Your Friend's Order Value Your Gift
$500+ $500 voucher
$400+ $400 voucher
$300+ $300 voucher
$200+ $200 voucher
$100+ $100 voucher
Below $100+ $50 voucher

How to Refer

It’s easy! Just send an email to info@ninza.co with content similar to what is shown below. Please make sure you provide your friend’s email address in the content and you add his/her email in the Cc field as well. Then we’ll take care of the rest.

To: info@ninza.co
Cc: george@gmail.com

I'm bringing you a new customer.

His name is George and his email is george@gmail.com.
He is interested in "Support/Resistance Radar".

Please give him a 35% discount on his 1st purchase.

Voucher Redemption

You can redeem your gift voucher to get our paid indicators for FREE.

Suppose that you have got a $200 voucher. Then you can pick any indicator up to $200 in our store as a FREE gift. If you would like to get an indicator higher than $200, you will only have to pay the difference in price.

Any questions? Our team is here for you.

Please contact us via web forms or live chat at https://ninza.co/contact.