NinjaTrader Demo Account: Master Trading with Ease

When it comes to trading platforms, NinjaTrader showcases its strength in various aspects. One particularly notable feature is its proficient backtesting and trading automation, facilitated by the NinjaTrader demo account systems. In this article, will walk you through comprehensive instructions to make the most of your NinjaTrader 8 demo account.  Sounds exciting? Keep reading below!

Distinguish between demo (fake money) accounts and demo data accounts

For beginners in the trading world, the demo data account and demo account are easy-to-confuse concepts. In fact, they are two different terms.

Demo data refers to the data feed providing quotes. If you are looking for a demo data account, NinjaTrader offers a 14-day free trial for futures data.

Additionally, we prepare a thorough tutorial on

NinjaTrader login and how to access live market data.

In case you want a demo account that gives you virtual money for proactive trading, scroll down to unfold the answer.

NinjaTrader demo account: A detailed guide

Before exploiting demo accounts on NinjaTrader trading software, you must get its structure. 

Users need to complete the NinjaTrader download process prior to opening demo accounts since it will be made from within the program.

Unlike other broker accounts that may require obtaining a demo account through their brokerage, NinjaTrader 8 simplifies the process to make it much more effortless.

Create NinjaTrader 8 demo account

  • Right when you start the program, a window will automatically appear. This is the Control Center Window.
NinjaTrader has already provided users with a full set-up default stimulation account, Sim101. However, you will have to create your own account to customize it.

  • At the window bottom, select the Accounts tab.
  • In the blank part of the window, right click anywhere. A popup window will appear, click on Add Stimulation Account.

  • Complete the property fields based on your preferences for setting up your stimulation account. You can accept the default in case of having no specific changes.

  • Press OK. Then, you can find this demo account in the Control Center Window.
  • You can repeat these steps to open multiple demo accounts.

Connect your demo account to live data

You will need to obtain a data connection before using a delayed or live market date with your new stimulation account.  NinjaTrader will automatically send you new free trial “data connection” details when you register an account or download the software. You will have a free 2-week entry to live market data. An email address can sign up for 2 free trials. After gaining access to data connection, follow these steps below to connect your NinjaTrader demo account to live data:
  • Click on Connections in the top menu bar in the Control Center Window.
  • Select configure in the drop-down menu.

  • A Connections window will appear. You will need to find “My NinjaTrader Continuum” in the configured section.

In case you don’t see it, find “NinjaTrader Continuum” in the Available section and select add.

  • Enter your username and password in the required field. Then click Apply and OK.
  • Go back to the Control Panel Window -> Connections -> My NinjaTrader Continuum. If you see a green circle on the left of the connection then you’re done.

Use multiple demo accounts

One piece of advice is to create multiple accounts to trade separate instruments or markets.
You can also use these accounts to backtest your trading strategy. While placing orders, you have the flexibility to select the specific demo account into which you want your order to be executed. In case you want to switch between stimulation accounts while trading, you can select them in either the Chart Trader or SuperDOM panel.

Close the NinjaTrader demo account

Closing a NinjaTrader demo account is as effortless as opening one. You just need to complete a few steps below:
  • From within the Control Center Window, disconnect all of your data feed connections in the Connections tab.
  • Select the Accounts window, and right click on the account you want to close.
  • Choose Remove Account.

Reset NinjaTrader 8 demo account

If you want to reset your demo account balance without creating a new sim account, you can take the following steps:
  • Go to the Control Panel Window. Right click on the sim account your want to reset.

  • In the dropdown menu, choose Edit Account -> reset.

Does your NinjaTrader demo account expire?

Good news! Your NinjaTrader 8 demo account does not expire as long as you keep the software on your desktop.
However, if you uninstall NT8, your sim accounts will be lost. To prevent it, you need to back up your NinjaTrader 8 folder under the “My Documents” folder.