NinjaTrader download: details and complete manual

Trusted and backed by more than 500,000 pro traders, NinjaTrader has always claimed the #1 position in the forex and futures trading platforms category. Whether you are a novice or a pro trader, this prize-winning trading program supports an interactive market experience like a well-oiled machine.

In this all-inclusive guide, we will delve into the ins and outs of the NinjaTrader download process so you can unleash its potent capabilities.

NinjaTrader Download: A Step-by-step Instruction

Downloading NinjaTrader is not such a laborious task. However, you will need to ensure your trading device meets the minimum requirements for proper operation.

The NinjaTrader PC version has always been the go-to choice of most traders thanks to a load of handy applications and add-ons.

But here’s a little-known fact, NinjaTrader recently added website and mobile versions so you can make the most of its features and advantages.

How To Download NinjaTrader: Desktop Version

  • Make sure that you have downloaded and installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 to your computer before making any further steps.
  • Sign in or log in to your NinjaTrader account. If you don’t know where to log in, read our detailed guide!
  • For the users who already have an existing license, you can import it by accessing Settings, Plans, and then select Import a License. You can bypass this step, in case of upgrading new version, since it will be automatically imported.
  • Select the download button in the left menu to request your NinjaTrader download.

Try NinjaTrader Web Version Free

With an increasing demand for simplifying the live trading experience, NinjaTrader has updated a website version that all users can join straight away.

If you remain uncertain, try the simulation model in the green box. This version still has full features with the same level of volatility as the live chart.

NinjaTrader App Download

Sitting at your working desk for 24/7 is surely tiring (we feel you!)

You will encounter significant difficulties being continuously available for checking your balances. Imagine having to close positions in an emergency case, like a power outage, that would be a disaster!

The mobile and tablet edition is available to address that issue. You can access NinjaTrader download for Android or iPhone today!

How To Download NinjaTrader: FAQs

If you have any inquiries concerning the process of downloading NinjaTrader, take a look at the below part.

Can you download NinjaTrader on Mac?

NinjaTrader download for Mac users is still not available, sadly. However, you can always take part in live trading with the web version.


What are the recommended PC specifications for installing NinjaTrader software?

We recommend using the 64-bit version because it takes advantage of more computer resources and can therefore run faster.


If you have an older computer, you can only access the 32-bit version via a desktop shortcut.

Hopefully, this article can help you gain access to the latest updated version of NinjaTrader software and start kicking off your trading career.


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