Whoa...the flood of questions about ZoneGPT * From The Future from you guys has made our day! 


Putting them together, our goal is to give you a clear picture of the unique features that make this groundbreaking system stand out.


 Let's explore its unique capabilities, shall we?



1.  What types of charts is ZoneGPT * From The Future compatible with?


The system is versatile and compatible with all chart types, excelling particularly with Renko, Tick, Range, and Volume charts. 


2. How does the system assist you in staying ahead in detecting trading opportunities?


The system offers future signal zones appearing before the current price. This lets you quickly spot and analyze trading opportunities, challenging the old way of forming zones after price moves.


3. Do the system's signals hold up? 


 Absolutely. With advanced algorithms ensuring precise signal zones, the reliability of signals is heightened, providing you with a significant competitive edge in the market.


4. Does ZoneGPT * From The Future cater to those looking to ride the trend?


Rest assured. Whether you're looking to ride the trend or pinpoint potential reversal points, the system has you covered with 2 distinct signal types: Pullbacks and Reversals.


5. How does the Center Torch help you navigate market trends?


The Center Torch is your market trend guide, setting up future signal zones. A green alert signals an Uptrend, while a pink alert denotes a Downtrend in the market.