We have spent multiple hours working to change the mechanism of the classic Schaff Trend Cycle indicator...

...to give you the strengthened TREND signals within https://ninza.co/product/schaff-trend-cycle-pro:

   - Bullish signals are indicated ONLY when the STC surpasses 80.
   - Bearish signals are suggested ONLY when the STC exceeds 20.

(Which you won't find in most of the other Schaff Trend Cycle indicators)

The result? 

Experience smoother trend movement with reduced false signals, providing you with a significant advantage over your competitors:



But that's not all. 

Schaff Trend Cycle Pro introduces a refined parameter that ensures smooth plot movement, effectively minimizing noise and erratic fluctuations. This translates to a confident trading experience, supported by clear and highly reliable data.

The visual interface is color-coded, providing an unambiguous trend reference:

   - Background color
   - Upper/Lower threshold zone
   - Schaff Trend Cycle plot
Now you can stay well-informed, even when away from your trading desk, with integrated pop-ups and sound alerts of Schaff Trend Cycle Pro.