Imagine yourself in a situation where a rapid price breakout takes place and your indicator lags in response. By the time it confirms the breakout and signals an Uptrend, the price has already made a substantial move. You're left watching as the ship sails away without you.


How many times have you felt frustrated by missing out on a promising trade?


The feeling of powerlessness when your indicator can't keep pace with the market's twists and turns can be exasperating.


But guess what? We've got a solution for you, and it's called VIDYA Pro, an enhanced version of the conventional Vidya indicator.

Why VIDYA Pro?


One of the key advantages of VIDYA Pro is its adaptability which enhances responsiveness to market trends and reduces false signals during choppy or sideways markets. This is achieved by dynamically adjusting its length or weighting based on price volatility.


Enhanced features in VIDYA Pro:


✅ Visual clarity: Up and downtrends are highlighted in contrasting colors on both the plot and background.

✅ Smooth parameter: aids in reducing noise in price movements.

✅ Tailored thresholds: Gain control over VIDYA Pro's signaling thresholds for uptrends and downtrends.


Say goodbye to frustrations and unlock the ability to capture sharp price breakouts and trends with VIDYA Pro – the advanced version of the Vidya indicator.